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What Can I Expect From Entering an International Rehab Program?

You’ve reached a point where seeking help with your substance abuse is the only way forward. Now you have to find the best program for your rehab. One approach to seriously consider is opting for an international program. What can you expect by choosing to enter rehab in Israel rather than a domestic treatment facility? Here are some examples that will help illustrate why this option is such a good one.

No Worries About Language Barriers

One of the more common concerns about international programs is an inability to communicate. In fact, you’re not likely to find a language barrier at all. Programs that actively support international clients have staff that speak several languages. This will mean communicating won’t be difficult at all. Even allowing for some cultural differences that may require explaining what you mean by some colloquialism, you can depend on being able to c converse with all or most of the staff with ease.

A Safe and Secure Place for Your Treatment

Expect the facility to provide a safe place for you to work the program. Security measures ensure that no one will be able to get in and disturb the process. At the same time, the presence of security ensures that you can move around the grounds freely and enjoy the landscaping, weather, and some quiet time when and as you feel the need.

Serenity is often one of the qualities that you find in such a facility. It’s present in the room that will serve as your home for the duration of the treatments. It also applies to the gardens and other areas where you can enjoy sunshine, a breeze, and some peace and quiet after spending time in group or individual sessions.

Treatments Tailored to Your Situation

You’ll find that while the program does follow a pattern, there is room to tailor aspects so the treatments apply directly to your situation. What you need may share some characteristics with the other guests, but also require some specific strategies or techniques. Based on the assessments of the staff, you can rest assured that your course of treatment will always focus on doing what’s in your best interests. That includes further adjustments as your needs change.

Staff Who are Supportive as Well as Knowledgeable

In this type of setting, you’re not some abstract number or case that needs to be managed and ultimately released. For the duration of the stay, the staff will do more than apply the rich bank of knowledge that they possess about substance abuse. Your caregivers will also be mindful of what you are feeling and seek to be as supportive as possible.

On days when things are going well, they will rejoice right along with you. If there are days when you find it difficult to continue, they will be there to offer encouragement and support. What you will learn is that each staff member really does want you to have a life that’s better than what you were living before entering the program.

Just the Right Amount of Structure

You can bet that there will be rules to follow and things that are to be done each day. That structure provides the basis for developing skills which will serve you well during the treatment and even after you return home. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you get used to this type of arrangement and even how you look forward to certain aspects of the structure.

At the same time, there will be room for you to make some choices of your own. As you progress through the program, expect opportunities to participate in trips and activities away from the facility. While those outings are supervised, they give you a chance to be around more people and test out some of what you are learning as part of the program.

Do seriously consider an international rehab program. Check into different aspects and see what you think. It could turn out to be the best decision that you’ve ever made.

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