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5 Things to Do Before Moving to Your New Home

Moving to a new home can be an exciting and stressful time. Going through all of your belongings, packing up your life, and dealing with closing procedures can all be overwhelming. However, moving is about more than just filling up boxes and hitting the road. Before you unlock your new front door and start moving in your things, there are many details to take care of before you open your new front door. 

There are many details to remember when you are moving. It can be tough to remember everything that needs your attention, from finding the best moving company to getting new home insurance quotes

Taking care of some essential tasks before you start moving in your boxes can help you to get settled in your new home. Let’s take a closer look at a few things that you need to do before moving into your new home. 


Your new home will need a new insurance policy. While your coverage will cover your move and the contents of your home, it will not be transferred to your new address. Before you move, it is important to talk to your broker about coverage for your new property. It may be an excellent time to shop around and get a few quotes from different companies.

Change The Locks

Homeowners often give out keys to their homes to several people. The dog walker, relatives, and children may have keys that will unlock your new home. Before you move in, it’s a good idea to change all of the locks. It’s unlikely that you will receive all copies of the original keys to your home from the previous owners. Take your safety seriously and secure your home with a new set of locks. 


Before you start moving in your boxes and furniture, now is a good time to do some decorating and painting. You will have an empty canvas to work with if you paint before you move in. You can take your time and not risk getting paint on any of your things when you paint while your new home is still empty. You can also avoid filling your new home with fumes that are unpleasant when you paint before your move

Update Your Address

With a new home comes a new address that will have to be communicated to many people and companies. All of your billing vendors will need to have your new address, along with friends and family. It’s important to have your essential documentation changed to contain your new address, including your driver’s license and tax information. 

Deep Cleaning

The previous owners of your new home may have left your house neat and tidy, but you will want to do a deep clean before you move in. A fresh home is a more welcoming home. Before you fill your home up with your furnishings and belongings, take the opportunity to give the whole house a cleaning. You can start with shampooing all the carpeting and steam cleaning the floors and continue with the other rooms. Your home will be fresh and sanitized for your moving day.

There are a thousand things to do to get ready to move into your new home. Don’t forget to take care of these items before you move. You will need to do a deep cleaning, change your address information, get insurance coverage, change the locks, and put on a fresh coat of paint. These chores will help you to navigate a smooth move into your new home and a bright future.

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