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Still in Your Teens/Twenties? Here are 5 Financial Tips for Your Future!

Your 20s a critical stage in your financial life.

The wrong obligations can affect you for decades. So you must be careful with how you use money…

Today, we’ll help you with that. We’ll mention 5 financial tips for a better financial future!

#1 – No Student Loans Before 28.

Yes, you’re delaying college by 10 years. But it’s a necessity…

A 10 year delay gives you time to explore the job market. You get to see all the careers out there.

And who knows? Maybe your career plans will drastically change by 28!

Which is Usually the Case…

Here’s a fact you should know…

You at 18 is unlike you at 25.

In any person’s early adulthood, 7 years is a massive difference. You can totally change as a person in that time.

So why take on massive student loans early in life? You limit your options with an early obligation…

And who knows, you might find something better down the line!

#2 – Your Twenties are a Time for Entrepreneurial Risk.

It’s why we don’t recommend early student loans.

In your twenties, you have no family. Most don’t have a wife and children…

You’re still establishing yourself and exploring the world.

And with the reduced obligations, it’s the perfect time for entrepreneurial risks. You can start businesses and educate yourself non-stop.


You need to learn debt management too.

You need to limit the risks you can take, and move slowly.

Taking on too much risk can ruin your credit score. And your credit score defines how eligible you are to receive loans.

So you must learn more about what is considered a good credit score. And you must always keep the debt you have in check!

#3 – Acquire Hobbies You Can Sell.

Some hobbies are marketable as part-time incomes. And with enough dedication, you can make it full-time!


You might be into sports. If so, dedicate yourself to mastery. Then, sell those skills through coaching, or by opening a gym.

Or, you might like video games. Pick a popular one, master it, and become a content creator.

The point is, adopt hobbies you can monetize.

They act as excellent income sources years down the line.

Much Better Than Useless Past-Times.

Going out drinking with buddies doesn’t secure you a good financial future.

If anything, it’s a bad habit. You waste money on a health harm, while being surrounded by useless talk.

Instead, invest your time in something you love and can slowly grow!

#4 – AVOID Credit Cards for Consumption.

Most young adults struggle with controlling credit card use.

After all, it’s easy money. The card is right there, available for any purchase…

Not to mention, you can pay off your credit card debts slowly too, with a monthly minimum – right?

Not Really…

You waste thousands of dollars in your lifetime paying interest on credit card debt…

And why pay that interest, if there’s no return on it?

Why use borrowed money if it doesn’t make you money in return?

Credit cards should only be used for business projects. And specifically, ones with visible payoffs.

This ties into the 2nd point on entrepreneurial risk. If anything, use credit cards for business, not consumption.

Proper Use = More Opportunities.

Did you know that “how you use” your credit card affects your credit score?

Part of what is considered a good credit score is repayment time.

If you pay your debts on-time, and don’t take on too much, your credit score actually goes up!

So make sure you have an excellent credit management plan. Because this affects any loans you take in the future!

FINAL TIP: Master Financial Management.

Learning financial management doesn’t happen overnight.

However, it’s a key life skill. It’s like learning home cleaning, or living with a schedule…

Without it, your life goes to unwanted places.

So How Do I Do That?

Read a lot. Check blogs, and slowly construct a plan for business debt and consumer budgets.

Also, always know you can hire a financial expert. Many of them do exist…

They’ll coach you into a healthy financial lifestyle. And they’ll save you trouble years down the line!