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Safeguarding Your Vision With Safety Glasses

Injuries can happen anywhere and at any time. However, people who work in construction have a higher chance of getting injured in comparison to people who work in other professions. While safety standards insist that workers employed in hazardous professions should wear suitable protective gear such as hard hats and protective gloves to prevent certain injuries, the use of safety glasses is considered a crucial safety precaution to protect workers’ eyes.

The Reality Of Potential Injuries

A survey conducted by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health explains that about 2,000 people sustain eye injuries on their jobs on a daily basis. In addition to this, roughly three out of every five injury cases of injured construction workers resulted from workers neglecting to wear safety glasses. Some of the most common and unfortunate types of eye injuries that workers need to protect their eyes from include: harmful chemical splashes that can result in complete vision loss, foreign objects such as dust and chips entering the eye, and foreign objects causing cuts and scrapes on the cornea of the eye.

Eye related injuries are not restricted to construction workers only as they can happen to anyone. Depending on the particular working environment the risks may be somewhat more significant, although, even professionals that work on computers for long periods of time may require the protection of prescription safety glasses to protect their eyes from conditions such as computer vision syndrome, otherwise known as digital eye strain, that can be undeniably unpleasant.

Safety Precautions To Prevent Injuries

While some professions pose a much higher risk for severe eye injuries, individuals working in conditions that pose even minor risk for eye injuries should take the necessary safety precautions of wearing suitably fitted safety glasses. Even though wearing safety glasses is recommended for high risk working environments, it is also vital for workers to ensure that gear is appropriately fitted as loose-fitting safety glasses may be as dangerous as neglecting to wear the protective gear. Kemper Medical provides a range of suitable quality safety glasses that can accommodate individual style and comfort preferences. Furthermore, workers can also opt for prescription safety glasses if necessary for vision requirements.

The Importance Of Personal Protective Gear

In the vast majority of dangerous situations, workers are able to protect themselves effectively simply by complying with the necessary safety standards such as wearing the recommended personal protective gear that is often provided by employers and by following suitable safety precautions. While the relevant personal protective gear is recommended by employers according to the particular nature of the working environment, items such as face shields, hard hats, welding helmets, and steel toe cap boots are often recommended along with suitable safety glasses. Workers need to consider all the relevant risks involved and take the necessary precautions to ensure that they are always protected from potential injuries.

In the event that employers fail to provide properly fitting safety glasses and other safety gear items, employees will need to take care of purchasing these items and ensuring they fit appropriately for optimal protection. Too often workers fail to consider the risks and simply settle for badly fitting protective gear which often increases the risk of injury significantly. Appropriate use and fit of safety wear items are crucial for avoiding injuries while at work.

Minor Eye Injuries That Can Cause Severe Complications

As most eye injuries should be taken extremely seriously and even a minor injury can lead to long term and severe complications that can greatly reduce an individual’s quality of life, it is vital to consider even mildly hazardous environments concerning the health of your eyes. It is not at all uncommon for minor eye injuries resulting in either partial vision loss and permanent vision loss, workers need to take recommended safety precautions seriously in order to protect the vision. Eye injuries may be classified in categories ranging from mild to severe, although, those employed in a dangerous working environment need to consider any eye injury a severe injury. By opting for the ultimate protection that quality well-fitted safety glasses are able to provide, working professionals in various industries can rest assured that their vision is well protected from crippling injuries.