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Cover These 5 Exciting Destinations in Russia by High-Speed Train

A train journey is perhaps the best way to get acquainted with the terrain of a place. Travelling in a train also helps you make friends as you travel and exchange stories with them. Co-passengers can also educate you about the customs and traditions of the place and when you’re done socializing, you can retire to the comfort of your private cabin. When on a holiday in Russia, Russian high-speed trains are a great way of travelling in luxury and some of the best destinations in Russia are connected by these high-speed trains.


The capital of Russia is connected to other major cities by high-speed trains, among other conveyances. Moscow to St. Petersburg train journey is one of the best and while you are in Moscow, you can enjoy the lively nightlife at one of the many pubs and microbreweries in the city. While in Moscow, don’t forget to witness Russia’s proudest architectural achievement – The Kremlin. It is a huge tourist attraction and no trip to the country is complete without visiting it once. To get started and plan the perfect itinerary for your trip, visit

St. Petersburg

Moving on to the next entry in our list and the next stop in your train journey; St. Petersburg is a bustling metropolis and is the second largest city in Russia. It is considered the cultural capital of the country and if you are interested in local traditions, history and folklore then St. Petersburg is definitely the place for you. It is home to cultural sites, museums and several foreign consulates and international businesses.


Although Helsinki is not strictly a Russian destination, it is the next major junction in the high-speed train route. The St. Petersburg-Helsinki route covers a huge distance in a very short span of time, thanks to the Allegro trains which are extremely comfortable and kept impeccably clean. This route covers the distance between Russia and Finland in just a few hours and is one of the most popular trains in the country.


Along the St. Petersburg-Helsinki line, lies the town of Vyborg. This town has a colorful history, with it being placed in a very strategic location. It lies between Finland and mainland Russia and has an eclectic mix of cultures and traditions. It houses several Swedish era castles and Russian fortifications. Tourism is a growing industry in the town and it also hosts the Russian film festival called ‘Window to Europe’ every year.


In order to get to this far off Russian town, you will have to undertake an extremely long but rejuvenating train ride. This is the final station of the Trans-Siberian Railway and to get there from Moscow, you need to travel at least a week by train. However, in this case, the journey is more important than the destination since you will be travelling thousands of miles on different terrains and through some of the most breathtaking sights in the world.

So, if you have an interesting and relaxing holiday and in mind, plan a trip to Russia and set off on a rail journey to soak in stunning views and make memories you’ll cherish for life.

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