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5 Killer Tips to Minimize Moving Stress

At some point during our lives, the vast majority of us will move houses. For many of us, it may be several moves, including those to other states and even different countries. For some, it may just be from their childhood home into their own permanent place. However many times you move, the process is can be very stressful, often leaving you full of angst and perhaps even a bit grumpy.

Fortunately, there are several things we can all do to minimize the effects of moving and make the entire process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Whether you are uprooting and moving to Turkey, here are 5 tips to help minimize moving stress and keep you focused on the important tasks during the moving process from Tolerance-Homes team.

Hire Pros

Do your homework by scouting out referral/review sites for reputable companies. You should also check with friends and family to gauge their moving company experiences to help you find someone you can trust to pack. If you are looking a moving company in Omaha, King’s Moving is one you should check out and move your belongings quickly and safely. This is one of the easiest ways to relieve the stress of a move. They do this for a living so let them be the experts they are. While your bank account may be a little lighter, your body and mind will be thankful you did not try to do this yourself.

Let the Neighbors Know

One of the things many who are moving forget is that moving trucks take up a lot of space and can often block adjoining or close by driveways or vehicle routes. Letting your neighbours know when the move will take place and how long they may be inconvenienced will give them plenty of time to prepare and help keep tensions low when the big day finally arrives. With increased traffic and noise, the last thing you want is for your neighbours to cause a scene. Letting them know in advance resolves this potential issue. You never know, they may even pitch in and help, or at the very least stay out the way.

Keep Kids and Pets Occupied

It sounds easy but anyone who has moved knows it is anything but to keep them occupied while movers (or you) are packing up your home. If you have young children perhaps a play-date or hiring a sitter (at their home) is the best option. Older kids can actually help by allowing them to organize and prep for the move by giving them specific responsibilities for getting their room ready. If responsible, they can even take younger children to the park or keep them pre-occupied.

For pets, if they are outside animals, then ensure they are not in the way while your belongings are being packed and readied for the move. For indoor pets, it may be a good idea to create them or take them to a border/groomer to keep them from getting underfoot or out of the house.

Prepare a Moving List

This is another area that a little preparation can really pay big dividends and help keep your stress under control. Take about 30 minutes and prepare a list of the key things you need to take care such as garbage pickup, transfer of mail service, shutting off utilities, things to get rid of before moving, safeguarding your valuables by pre-inventorying any collections, electronics, or keep-sakes, either arranging for food delivery or making meals in advance so you have ready access to both food and water during the move, and storing your important documents where you have ready access to them. Once the list is in place, you have an easy to follow the blueprint to ensure tasks do not get forgotten during the busy move time.

Take the Time to Do a Walk-Through

How often have you left on a trip only to get that feeling you left something behind. It is no different during a move. Take a little time and go through every drawer, cabinet, nook, under the stairs, closet, attic, basement, and hiding spots you may have. With all the activity you may be surprised the things you may accidentally leave behind.

Also make sure to lock the doors and windows, turn off or set the lights/thermostat, set/clear alarms, if appliances are staying with the home put the documentation together (a kitchen counter or drawer is a good idea). The same goes for garage door openers, extra house keys, and anything else the new occupants will need.

Will following these 5 tips eliminate all your moving stress? Not a chance but they will help make it more manageable giving you time to deal with any pop-up issues that will inevitably arise. With a little preparation and organization, the experience can be a memorable one, not one you wish you could forget. Happy move, wherever you end up!

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