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Read This Before You Proceed to Buy a Die Cutting Machine

Papers of different kinds are used for craft making and for mass production of cut out shapes for the craft you must use a die cutting machine. Use of technology in crafts is nothing new, but today it is all about digital technology based on computers and software. Duplication of design is not easy when you are trying to produce several pieces of identical items for use in artwork. It is impossible to create two identical pieces of design by hand because despite your best efforts there will be minor variations that would make it look different. To ensure the stereotyped reproduction of any design, artists and craftsmen are inclined to use some machine that can recreate the same design repeatedly without any variations. This is where the die cutting machine comes in handy.

Catching up with technology

The manual die cutting machine in its traditional form is an improved version of a stencil cutting machine that uses steel dies to cut out shapes from paper, cardboard, fabric, chipboard and other materials like Vinyl sheets like what are available from Craft Online, the megastore for craft materials. The small machine that is ideal for placing on the work table of craftsmen who must place the material to be cut in the machine and turn a lever that presses the die on the material and cuts out the design carved out on the die.

As technology has progressed, the traditional die cutting machine has undergone an upgrade to incorporate digital technology and die cutting machines now use electrical power together with computer and software to leverage the powers of die cutting. The process is much faster and most suited for commercial purposes.

The machine that is right for you

The cutting ability of die cutting machines depends on the size of paper it accommodates and the die design. The choice of the machine will, of course, depend on the type of material to cut because different machines can cut a variety of materials like paper, felt, fabric and vinyl which are most common. In addition, rubber, leather, cork board, sponge and even chipboard are suitable for use in die cutting machines. Those engaged in the production of envelopes, stickers, stand-up cards, pillow boxes, shaker cards and more use die cutting machines extensively. The die cutting machine is important equipment for craftsmen and artisans too.

Selection of die cutting machine

Different makes of die cutting machines are available, but you must know how to select one that is right for you. The volume of work you handle and the space available are the primary considerations, but in addition, you must also think about the type of project in hand and the materials that you want to cut by using the machine. If the output requirement is moderate and so also is the speed of work, then a manual machine would suffice or else you must look for digital machines with high speed and more output.

Knowing the difference between machines is also important to take the right decision.