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Tattoos For Couples – How To Choose Or Design One For Your S.O.

Intro: It’s already hard to find a tattoo design to fit your credentials. To come up with a tattoo design for both you and your loved one is an even more challenging task. For that reason, here’s a guide on how to search for the perfect tattoos for couples who want to match each other outside as well as inside!

Couple Tattoo Designs Ideas:

1. Love Symbols:

The most obvious type of tattoos for couples is Love Symbols: hearts, arrows, swans, doves, and several more! These tattoo designs and their variations show love in the purest form, not to mention that it’s super simple and pretty! Pull out your best tattoo kits for beginners, and you can make one or two drawings going.

Tattoos For Couples1

Some artists may even take the artistic liberty to combine the hearts with another symbol of commitment: lock and key. This romanticized version of these simple tools can symbolize a promise between lovers or even a set of vows!

Tattoos For Couples2

Other symbols you can incorporate into the heart designs include heart pulse zigzags, crystal patterns, and roses.

Tattoos For Couples3

But if you’re sick of the Love Symbols to death and can’t wait to find more creative ways to show your affection, scroll down to read about other matching tattoo designs you might like!

2. Nature Symbols:

Who doesn’t love a pair of adorable creatures, especially when those signify a couple in love? There are so many relationships in nature that one can’t help but see their love in them. Take this couple of pandas, for example. It’s like you lovers are cuddly with each other the way the animals are doing!

Tattoos For Couples4

Sometimes, plants can serve as inspirations as well. People find trees and vines’ attachment to one another similar to how they cannot live without their lover. Coexistence in plant life has been a muse to poetry, literature, and music for so long. It’s only natural that tattoos as an art form get their take on the beautiful relationship as well!

Tattoos For Couples5

3. Matching With A Twist:

The tattoos that you and your lover have don’t need to be identical to each other. The couple tattoos are designed and structured so they can be distinct and unique as well!

One of the styles that can portray the bond is the half-half, showing the world how you and your partner balance and complete one another. The halves can be contrasts of each other or stylized in a way that’s a little less obvious, but the ending note is that you two are made for each other!

Tattoos For Couples6

What’s great about matching tattoos is that they allow the designs to be more refined and personalized to the person. By adjusting the premise just a little, the tattoo owner can feel like the drawing is for their pleasure, just as much as a sign of commitment to their partner.

Over the years, tattoo artists have explored the depths of their creative freedom to give tattoos to couples that want individuality and harmony. So if that’s up your alley, there’s no short of designs for you to choose from!

Tattoos For Couples7

4. King & Queen:

There’s another design that you might not see too often, but when you do, it’s show-stopping. The King & Queen is a pair of tattoos for couples with refined taste and deep respect for each other, portrayed by their use of regal symbols.

Tattoos For Couples8

You can interpret the pair in many styles, and its versatility makes it quite unique and popular among lovebirds. Crowns, cards, chess pieces, or even royal capes can be a beautiful way to show your relationship to one another.

Tattoos For Couples9

Where To Put Couple Tattoos:

1. To Show Off Your Love:

When you’re in love, you might just want to shout it to the world. Having your couple tattoo on your wrist is the fastest way you can do this without making a single noise.

Other popular public body parts to showcase your love are your calves, your forearms, your thighs. Some might even go as far as tattooing their face or chest. Do make sure that you’re REALLY committed since tattooing at sensitive body parts will be very painful!

2. To Be Less Overt:

For those who are more reserved and prefer to announce their love with a quiet whisper, we hear you (not literally, though). There are many hidden places for your tattoos to hide in and show themselves when you wish to let your affection be known.

A lot of people like putting tattoos on the inside of their ring fingers. When you clasp your hand, the tattoo will hide between the other fingers! But why the ring finger, specifically? Let’s just say that a tattoo can be a placeholder for something more important along the way.

Tattoos For Couples10

Another secret tattoo place is anywhere on your back. The tattoo will hide beneath your work shirt, your casual t-shirt, and even comfortable pajamas. The only way that the tattoo can see sunlight is when you actively make a choice of wardrobe to let it show!

In Sum

And that, folks, is the end of this guide on how to get trendy and suitable tattoos for couples like yours! Having matching tattoos is one of the simplest ways to show dedication and commitment among lovers, so we wish you a relationship that lasts for as long as the tattoos you have chosen!