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Why should you get your house inspected?

Buying a home can be quite a long process, and difficult. You need to ask yourself questions more than once to make a decision. You can spend months, or even years, finding the right home for you and your family. Once an offer is accepted, you still have to undergo a complicated procedure before the sale closes. Once you buy the house, of course, you’re excited about moving into the new house. However, you forget the most important part before moving into your new house, which is to get it inspected.

A home inspection is an essential part of the home buying process because of factors. By doing this, you can save a lot of time and money in the long run. A home inspection is a process wherein a professional inspects the home and makes sure that the house is functioning properly and recognizes areas that need repairs.

But why is a home inspection so important when buying a house? In this article, we have listed several reasons why you should get your house inspected, which can help you in your home buying process.

Problems and Compromises

A house that fulfills your needs and wants such as the size of the home, the floor plan, the home’s exterior, or even the layout of the kitchen might look in good shape. But looks can be deceiving, the house you have bought may hide problems that can affect your home.

Buying a house can be quite exciting because buying a house is a big investment in the long run. You might think that getting a brand new house inspected is a total waste of money, well, you need to think again. The age of the home doesn’t matter, there can still be some minimal and unseeable imperfections. Getting a home inspection is helpful. Even the Lead Inspector and Founder of Proper Inspection Pros, Sol Kruk, stated that purchasing a home can become stressful.

“Purchasing a home can be stressful and rife with uncertainty. At Property Inspection Pros, we aim to remove all doubt and smooth the acquisition process with thorough, professional service,” said Kruk.


You may think that home inspections are very expensive, but the cost is not a hindrance for a home inspection. The cost of an inspection on a condominium can be as little as $300. On the other hand, the cost of a single-family home inspection varies from $350 to 500$. Of course, HVAC inspection can add a little bit of cost, but it won’t hurt your wallet. Getting your house inspected will keep you from spending thousands of dollars in repairs, and you will always benefit more than the cost of your inspection.

Structural Problems

During the inspection, the home inspector will look at every detail that the home has, including the foundation and other structural elements of the house. If there is a flaw in the structure of the house, the inspection report will identify the problem. Structural problems while buying a house is a major no-no. Don’t settle with a home that is not well built.


An important part of the inspection is that the inspector needs to ensure that the house is safe. The home inspector at the home, and will check if everything is in their right place. For example, the inspector looks at the electrical system and ensures you that it is working properly. You could also get your house radon tested. Radon is an odorless gas that comes from the natural breaking down of soil, or water and it evaporates to become a gas. If you get your home a radon test, you will know if the radon level in your house is at safe levels.

Leaking roofs

New roofs can be quite pricey. It can cost $10,000 or more, and it is one of the most expensive maintenance costs when owning a home. During the inspection, the home inspector will also observe the roof and identify its age to know whether it is still in good shape. The report will identify whether you need new roofing or not.

For example, you get your house inspected, the inspectors give you a report, and it shows that your roof has already worn out. Of course, you’ll get new roofing installed from a credible company such as Rockland County Roofing.

More space for options

If you and the seller reach an agreement on the house, you are now legally obligated to conclude the sale. The home inspection will help you get out of the deal. You can renegotiate with the real estate agent and seller because there might be specific areas in the house that need to be repaired, you could bid with the seller for a much cheaper price. In this case, if an agreement isn’t reached in the inspection report, you can back out of the deal so you can find more options.

Maintenance costs

Of course, if you’re buying an older house, it will require maintenance. If you’re planning to put up a budget for a house, you should also include maintenance costs. Newer homes require less maintenance compared to older homes. The home inspection will benefit you in the long run because you’ve already identified the problems in the house, now you’ll just need someone to fix it.

Getting a home inspection will surely give you peace of mind. Because you’ll fully understand the condition of the house and eventually, finalize on the sale. In the end, you won’t get surprised when moving into your new home.

Buying a house is a big investment in the long run. While it may be exciting to move into your dream house, your beautiful dream house might have small flaws that may cause you problems in the future. This is why getting your home inspected is important, so you can make a move right away. I hope you’ve learned something about why you need to get your house inspected.