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Safest Ways to Introduce CBD to Your Horses

The cannabis plant has a principle non-psychoactive component called cannabidiol (CBD) with numerous healing properties. When administered at low doses, CBD for horses effectively soothes the nervous system without adversely impacting cognition or balance. 

Majestic animals have a slower metabolism than their smaller counterparts. Exposing your pet horse to a CBD product not vetted by a recognized third party or made using inferior manufacturing practices could be detrimental to its health. 

An established manufacturer who is an authority on CBD for four-legged companions will offer you quality full-spectrum products. When the cannabidiol content is organic and non-toxic, you can safely administer it to your horse. Organically grown hemp formulated exclusively for your equine yields the finest quality products.

Introducing Your Horse to CBD

High potency CBD for horses allows you more scope to experiment with dosage till you achieve the most favorable outcome. Horses on whom cannabidiol clinical trials were conducted responded well. Those with anxiety issues became calmer with 20 mg to 30 mg of cannabinoid exposure, while 50 mg to 60 mg relieved their pain. 

Most of the CBD products designed for pets are oils. In horses, adding the recommended dose of oil to their grain does not deliver therapeutic results. Instead, rubbing the oil on your equine’s gums is the most effective way to introduce your pet to this beneficial compound.

Topical solutions you can conveniently apply to a targeted area on your horse like a rash or on the joints where the stallion is experiencing pain. Ensure the CBD oil is intended for horses and organic, which means devoid of pesticides and additives. Introduce the new compound to your stallion gradually to avoid overwhelming it. 

Consult Your Vet

Before introducing your pet horse to CBD, consult your regular vet familiar with your pet’s lifestyle and medical history. Every horse is unique and respecting its internal composition is vital. If your equine is already on medication, your vet will guide you on how, when, and the quantity of oil to be administered

Refrain from exposing a pregnant or nursing horse to the cannabinoid compound, impacting the expected foal. CBD extracted from the hemp plant barely contains the THC compound that otherwise produces a psychoactive effect; hence, it will not make your horse high. 

When you choose full-spectrum over CBD isolates, the multiple cannabinoids and terpenes present have a desirable effect on your four-legged recipient. It effectively manages any inflammation, digestion, stress, pain, and health issues your horse may be experiencing by keeping the corresponding symptoms under check.

Effect of CBD Oil on Horses

CBD oil regulates the appetite, immunity, mood, sleep cycle, and pain level of horses by stimulating their cannabinoid receptors located in the brain. When your horse’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) receives the necessary amount, its overall health gets a welcome boost. 

The anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects of the product calm your anxious horse. Regularly applying it to painful joints controls the inflammation your equine may suffer. Like you may naturally experience wear and tear in your ligaments, bones, and muscles, the same also extends to your pet stallion. 

Exposure to CBD does contribute to improving your horse’s overall balance of bodily functions and inner organs. You may notice improvements in your equine’s appetite, mood, and overall well-being. Such a positive component also proactively keeps your pony safe from severe health woes in the future.

Hemp-derived CBD for horses is extremely safe even when administered at high levels. As a ground rule, proceed only after getting the green signal from a qualified and experienced vet familiar with the effects of cannabidiol on pet animals.

Purchase CBD for your pet horse from a respected and legitimate seller. Administering it in the right way keeps your horse happy and healthy.