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Here’s Three Reasons We Love Mississauga Houses

Although Mississauga in Ontario, Canada, is part of the Greater Toronto Area, it has potential that distinguishes it from the rest of the city. Mississauga is a city within a city. It has its own vibrant and flourishing city center with shopping areas and fine restaurants along with a selection of higher education facilities. 

According to, these features have allowed the housing market to enjoy extraordinary popularity. But besides all these reasons, the houses themselves have a lot to offer. Below you will find three reasons why Mississauga properties are so loved and enjoy such popularity.

1. The Architectural Diversity

In terms of architecture and home design, Mississauga provides extraordinary diversity. Each neighborhood has a signature that distinguishes it from the rest of the district.

Lorne Park is iconic for its homes built on spacious lots. The majority of the homes in this high-end neighborhood are veritable gems of modern architecture. If you’re a fan of modern architecture and sleek, graceful style, the homes in this area are sure to draw you in. In Central Erin Mills, the real estate market has a lot to offer. From single-family homes to apartment buildings, the local housing is particularly versatile. 

In Meadowvale, on the other hand, a fair number of heritage-based sites and historic buildings have survived since the neighborhood was first established in the 19th century. These buildings underwent renovations in the 1970s and 80s and enjoy a stable structure. If you’re a lover of Victorian-era homes and old architecture, this neighborhood will be right up your alley.

Streetsville has a unique feel among Mississauga neighborhoods. Here, you will see unique homes from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, as well as some modern buildings. The heritage-oriented architecture of Streetsville was also left intact. For this reason, it is one of the best areas in Mississauga where you can find original buildings that trace back as far as the early days of the neighborhood.

2. The Views

When you think of a house in a big city, the view is not something that comes to mind. In Mississauga, things are different. This is a green neighborhood. Everywhere you go, you’ll find parks, oases of nature, and lots of trees. According to a study, people who live in greener neighborhoods tend to live longer!

Most houses also have spacious courtyards that can be landscaped to your liking. When you look out of the window, you can enjoy a beautiful view. But even without these yards, greenery is everywhere in Mississauga, and you can likely enjoy the shade of a tree right outside your window. Nature and architecture blend perfectly in this neighborhood.

3. The Prices

One of the main reasons many people choose Mississauga is that housing is affordable. This means you can enjoy life in a large and thriving city without paying the colossal sum for a home in downtown Toronto. As the housing market has seen a considerable increase recently, more and more properties have come up for sale. As a result, prices vary so that there are options to meet all budgets.

If you want to settle in Mississauga, you don’t have to worry about finding a home that suits your preferences or budget. This neighborhood has something for everyone. All you have to do is look.