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7 Things to Ensure Children are Safe in Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are a perfect gift for kids and fun looking. You often notice them in parks, backyards, and indoors. However, as they become popular, More and more family bounce houses appear in children’s gift boxes and on family holidays, and injuries continue to skyrocket. While your kids are having fun at home and in the backyard with the bounce house, we should pay attention to the safe use rules for using the bounce house.

One thing to note is that more injuries occurred in kids under five. Not all children are allowed to use a bounce house. There are considerations to take, like children’s age, to ensure they pass the requirements to enter the inflatable. Even though these inflatables encourage children to play, you must take safety measures. Let’s look at ways to prevent bounce house injuries.

Prohibit sharp items

Sharp objects are one of the main causes of accidents. They can cut the bounce house and make it lose air. Children should take off sharp objects such as jewellery, keys, and eyeglasses as they enter the structure. This can be extremely dangerous because you can fail to notice the signs.

Enforce a no-food/drink ban

Any child can choke on food and drinks. Choking rates tend to be highest while playing. Please ban kids from eating on the inflatable. If they need to eat, they should do that before playing.

Watch out for strobe lights

Strobe lights are great to add more fun and energy to an outdoor party. Don’t forget to check the strobe lights included on the inflatable.

Follow safety rules while using a bounce house

You need to know the specific safety rules when using the inflatable. The equipment comes with labels that provide safety instructions. The information should be reviewed and enforced during the play date. Some precautions include securing areas where a child can fall with mats, putting a net up close, and getting rid of ladders.

Make sure the children are properly attired

The clothes should be comfortable to move freely. Further, shoes should never be worn even for seconds. It can cause a child to fall and break an ankle.

Keep the bounce house clean

You never know the type of dirt present on the structure. It can be small objects that can cause severe accidents. Therefore, ensure the bounce house is clean and remove anything suspicious.

Ensure the safety of the bounce

If the inflatable is not safe, then you can’t prevent accidents. Action air bounce house is one of the safest bounce houses. It is made from heavy-duty puncture-proof material. It also has double to quadruple stitches. Furthermore, the sides are fully protected.


Bounce houses risks include arm, leg, neck, and head injuries. Nonetheless, you can avoid injuries when you take safety tips. Action Air’s inflatable structure for children aged 3-10. In addition,The number of children suitable for use should be standardized according to the product manual. Kids should not do flips and summersaults that may lead to severe injuries.

Besides these tips, the most important thing to guarantee safety is the quality. Action Air brings you the best bounce houses you can find on the market. Our inflatables feature quality materials and have been proven safe for your loved ones. Moreover, our strong R&D allows developing pieces to stimulate children’s social, physical, creative, and emotional development.