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How to Maintain Doja Cat Style Real Hair Curly Wigs?

Doja cat, a famous American rapper and singer, uploaded a funny video clip on YouTube a few months ago. In the video, she snatched off her wig and reapplied it to the beat, which makes her audience burst into laughter. Have you ever thought that a curly wig can bring you such fun? In fact, the real purpose of curly wigs is to help people with thinner hair achieve various hairstyles.

If you are a fan of Doja cat, you may have noticed that she has many impressive styles in her MVs – pink hair alien in Kiss Me More, golden hair sexy in Say So, and black pigtail muse in You Right. What you Need to Know is that curly wigs play an important role in forming these beautiful styles. Except for contributing to her versatile looks, what are the other benefits of a real hair curly wig?

Three Benefits of Real Hair Curly Wigs

In addition to providing you with various hairstyles, real hair curly wigs also have other benefits:  

Change Styles without Harming Real Hair

Real hair curly wigs are not only pretty, but they can also protect your hair from heating, styling and coloring. Compared with usual hairstyles requiring heat styling tools and frequent chemical processing, real hair curly wigs can protect your original hair from damage. So if you are a person who loves changing your hairstyle, wearing a natural curly wig is definitely a good choice for you. 

Add Hair Volume

Hair loss has become a common concern for many people, and it can be caused by many factors, including stress, illness, medication, and more. If you are troubled by hair loss, you can wear a real hair curly wig to make your hair look fuller. Wearing a curly wig can help you add volume and make you feel more confident and energetic.

Add an Attractive Temperament

Real hair curly wigs can not only meet your changing hairstyles but also add an attractive temperament. Study shows that compared with those who are going through a bad hair day, people with a good hairstyle feel more confident. Real hair curly wigs never go out of date and are a good way to be more charming.   


How to Maintain a Real Hair Curly Wig?

If you want your real hair curly wigs to be in good condition for a long time, you should take good care of them. Here are five steps to maintain a good real hair curly wig:

Section the hair

To maintain a real hair curly wig and keep it in good condition, you should first separate sections of the wig. If your real hair curly wig has tight and small ringlets, you should separate the hair into smaller sections. If the curls of your curly wig are large and loose, you are required to separate the hair into larger sections.

Spray wig care product

Next, choose a wig care product and spray it on every section of your real hair curly wig. In this process, you must ensure that the care products you choose are suitable for your wigs. There are a variety of wig care products in the market, and you should choose the one designed for human hair care.

Brush the hair

Then, brush your curly wig with a wide-toothed comb. Your wig is easy to tangle after you wear it all day long. Thus, brushing the curls in time can help your real hair curly wig remain plump and smooth.

Restore the curls

After that, you need to restore the curls back to their original style. Twist each curl with your fingers to return it to its original curl pattern. If you find that your curls can not spring back properly, try twisting the curls in the opposite direction.

Store the wig carefully

After all the work you have done, you should finally store your real hair curly wig carefully. To hold the curls in place and prevent them from further tangling, you had better cover the wig with a hair net.

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