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Spot It Early to Stop It Early: 5 Common Types of Mold in Houses

Did you that an estimated 70% of homes in the USA have a mold problem?

Mold loves dark damp conditions. This means that if you look in the bathroom or kitchen of any older house you will likely find mold somewhere.

Did you know that there are many types of mold? Knowing the most common types of mold is important, as after identifying it you can apply a remedy.

If you would like to know more about common mold types, simply read our in-depth article below.

1. Cladosporium

The first type of mold on our list is Cladosporium. Unusually, this type of mold loves cool and warm areas that are dry. It often makes its home in carpets and wood products.

This type of mold might seem harmless as it grows out of sight. However, do not be deceived. Cladosporium often causes respiratory problems in homeowners.

2. Penicillium

We generally associate mold with damp areas or locations that have suffered water damage. This is the ideal environment for penicillium to grow.

It is generally found in house furniture that has come into contact with water and remained damp for some time.

This is a particularly nasty type of mold. It can cause sinus infections, lung inflammations, and cause allergic reactions to flare up.

If you detect penicillium in your house, do not waste any time in removing it. You may even want to call a professional removal service to ensure that it is removed entirely.

3. Alternaria

Mold is most often first seen in bathrooms, particularly in shower areas. This is because the mix of water, steam, and humidity provides a paradisaic environment for some types of mold to grow. Alternaria for example loves these conditions.

Alternaria may be very common but it does carry health threats. It can cause asthma to worsen along with other allergic reactions.

4. Aspergillus

Other common types of mold are not so threatening to your health. Aspergillus is one of these. It is seen in most houses that have mold. It is said to have minimal effects on health.

5. Aureobasidium

You can often find this type of mold on treated surfaces such as caulking, painted walls, and furniture. You can identify it from its pink surface that often has black specks in it.

This mold is very common however, you should not take it lightly. It can cause allergies to develop or even existing allergies to worsen.

If you spot aureobasidium mold in your house, it would be good to call professionals to have it taken care of.

Identifying the Most Common Types of Mold and Much More

Mold is present in many old homes in the USA; however, this does not mean that it cannot be stopped. By identifying the most common types of mold, you can apply a remedy to remove it. Your bathroom and kitchen can be mold-free at last!

Are you interested in learning more about how to make your house even better? Then we are here to help. Just check out our blog articles for more information.

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