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Voila Ornament Tutorial

 Voila Ornament Tutorial

Voila Ornament


  • Balloon
  • Ball of cotton string
  • Craft glue
  • Clothespin
  • Dowel
  • Glitter
  • Pin
  • Tweezers
  • Metallic thread
  • Spray mount
  • Evergreen branch


  • Step 1

Blow up the balloon until it’s slightly smaller than your fist. Tie the end of the cotton string to the end of the balloon.

  • Step 2

Thin the glue slightly with water and brush some on the bottom of the balloon to tack down the string. Begin wrapping the string vertically around the balloon. When 3/4 of the balloon is covered vertically, begin wrapping the string horizontally. To change direction, wrap the string around the tied-off end of the balloon. Continue until 3/4 of the balloon is wrapped horizontally.

  • Step 3

Cut the string and secure it with a dab of glue. Brush the watered-down craft glue all over the string-covered balloon. Pinch the top of the balloon with a clothespin and thread the clothespin onto a dowel that you’ve suspended between two points. Allow to dry for several hours.

  • Step 4

Once dry, pop the balloon with a pin and remove it, using tweezers, if necessary. Add a loop of metallic thread and brush the balloon with glue again. Working over a bowl, spoon on glitter and set aside to dry.

  • Step 5

Spray the branch with spray mount and spoon on glitter. Allow to dry. Affix the ornament to the branch.