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Why Should You Buy Skinnygirl Nutrition Bar from Nogii?

Elisabeth am a fan of sweets and desserts. However, since I knew that those kinds of food could harm my body, I stopped eating them immediately.

Ew! It was a terrible time when I tried to force myself to stop eating sweets and desserts. Do you know? I gained nearly 5kg because of this hobby.

Therefore, I have to lose weight! The first day and the second day were all right. But on the third day, I almost went crazy because I couldn’t eat sweet foods.

Fortunately, I found an alternative. Low-calorie nutrition bars that still provide enough sugar are the best choices.

But, which new nutrition bar is suitable? Another difficult question!
When I search for the Skinnygirl Nutrition Bar, I was impressed by its name. Am I truly skinny? Or is it just for skinny girls to get fat? And I bought it for a trial.

After I tried it, I wondered why I bought the SkinnyGirl Nutrition Bar.

Hey, wait! This product is not completely bad. Let me tell my story to you.

What does this nutrition bar have?

Nogii choose a nutrition bar because Nogii want to have enough energy, like the feeling that sweets give me power. Moreover, a bar will be a convenient and quick meal. Nogii entirely like nutrition bars at this point. Nogii don’t have to spend a lot of time processing food.

Well, indeed, Nogii don’t want to rely entirely on these nutrition bars to keep fit. We are just making excuses for being lazy. But for people who are lazy to cook like me, nutrition bars are indeed an ideal alternative!

OK! It’s a little rambling! Come back to the main point. I read about the composition of the Skinnygirl Nutrition Bar. The manufacturer provides this, and Elisabeth have no way to verify the exact numbers listed above.

It is a bar with the new flavor, Chocolate. Nogii saw it as a cookie dough! With such a fan of sweets like me, the appearance of this bar can get four stars.

According to the manufacturer, chocolate is its best-selling flavor.

Each bar provides 120 calories with 10g protein powder and 7g up the fiber. Moreover, it is free of gluten. With such 20 grams of protein in two bars, I think I can be full within at least four hours.

But, NO!

I just was full in two hours. Oh, my God! So will I become a skinny girl or will gain weight like skinny girls becoming plumper?

I’m a bit disappointed about the calories that this nutrition bar provides. Probably, the ad producer is a bit too much. I thought I would be full longer. Sad face!

How does the Skinnygirl Nutrition Bar taste?

One word! AWFUL! For a person who doesn’t like the taste of protein powder at all like me, this nutrition bar is terrible. See also more than taste protein powder here:

Although I am a fan of sweets, after the first bite, Skinnygirl’s sweetness makes me feel bad. Extremely sweet! With this sweetness, I am afraid I will become a pig, not a skinny girl when I eat this nutrition bar. What a second disappointment!

I kept trying to eat because I expected something more interesting. 10g protein powder makes the taste of this bar… Eww !!! I thought about bouncing muscles in gyms and drinking this high-protein drink to strengthen muscles! But I’m a woman !!!

Nogii tried to find chocolate flavor like on the packaging! However, we received a bitter disappointment because it seemed to have only a few drops of chocolate flavor! Can we say this is a lie ?!

Just because I was so hungry, I tried to eat too! And maybe I won’t rebuy Skinnygirl!
Fortunately, Nogii can suggest a few other types of nutrition bar with better taste. Guest and Built Bar are the delicacies I’ve found. These are the two brands I like the most. They are nutrition bars that can help me in my journey to become a real skinny girl. LOL!

Why should you buy Skinnygirl Nutrition Bar?

Although I don’t have a fun experience with this kind of nutrition bar, it’s a good energy sweetener with a high amount of protein powder and plenty of fiber. At least I don’t have constipation after eating two bars of Skinnygirl!

Moreover, for those who like the tasty food of protein powders, this is indeed a great choice!

  • Taste: it so sweet. It will be suitable with people loving eating sweet.
  • Price: it is quite affordable


Mentioned is my experience with Skinnygirl Nutrition Bar. For me, maybe I won’t spend money on this product. However, this is also a right nutrition bar for people wanting to gain weight or needing protein! Have you ever used this bar? Share with me your story with the Skinnygirl Bar in the comment section below!