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6 Design Tips To Achieve A Modern Industrial Look For Your Home

One of the most popular design themes these days for homes and apartments is the modern industrial. Young and old homeowners alike are requesting that kind of rustic feel. When done correctly, a modern industrial look for a home showcases the perfect mixture of an unpolished and unfinished character balanced off with polished, sleek, classic, and minimalistic elements.

The great thing about a modern industrial home is there are many ways to play around with the design concept. It’s also easy to customize according to your preference. A modern industrial home is a facet of architecture that’s also here to stay as it isn’t merely just a fad or a trend. You’re sure to have a cozy home for many years to come.

You can bring to life your design dreams for your home by bringing in modern industrial aspects as highlighted in this article.

  1. Have An Open Concept

Modern industrial homes are usually dark, given the kind of materials and colors which are evident in the walls. Remember that you’re focused mainly on steel, cement finish, dark wood, bricks, and neutral, dark walls. So, the trick is for you to balance out the other elements to avoid your home from looking and feeling too dark.

This fact comprises the main reason why you should have an open concept in your living space. This means having a smooth flow in one big space of your kitchen, dining, and living room. By doing so, you’re making the home feel bigger and also less dark.

Going alongside the open concept entails having large, open windows wherever you can place them. By maximizing the use of natural light, you can make a dark living area have so much more light and feel bigger, too.

  1. Utilize Steel Staircases

What’s a modern industrial home without a steel staircase? Just imagine a New York apartment or an industrial factory with those black, steel stairs. With an industrial-designed home, your stairs don’t just serve the practical function of getting you to the second floor, but they can also serve as the focal point. There are many ways you can play around with a steel stair design example to make it look more elegant and polished.

For instance, if you don’t fancy having just steel, you can use hardwood for the steps themselves. The steel can be reserved for the railings and sides of the stairs. Not only will this make your stairs look more aesthetically pleasing, but the durability factor is ticked as well.

  1. Keep The Color Palette Simple

To prevent your modern industrial home concept from looking too cluttered, you want to keep the color palette simple. Focus on colors that’ll complement whatever industrial elements you’ve used in your home. Take it easy as well on having too many color hues since this isn’t the avenue for you to be eclectic.

If you want to add a pop of color, you still can. Just be sure you’re playing with shades that go together. As a rule of thumb, seek professional help if you’re not sure of your concept. Your interior designer will be the best person for you to consult regarding this matter.

  1. Choose Industrial Lighting

In keeping with the industrial theme, you should be particular about your lighting choices as well. While only a minimal design facet, having the wrong lighting can make a big impact on the overall feel you’re trying to come up with in your home.

Take the time to shop around first before actually buying. When you get to each store or even when you’re shopping online, you’ll be amazed at all of the options you’ll come across, even when you’re only focused on the modern industrial concept.

The best tip for you to follow with your lighting is to have that perfect mix of big, accent lights with smaller and more minimalist ones. By doing so, you can avoid your lighting situation from being an eyesore. Also, the different sizes would complement each other.

  1. Experiment With Metallic Shades

Given that you’re after a more modern look, it goes without saying that you should also be willing to play around and experiment on metallic shades. The choice is up to you. Some homeowners feel confident enough with mixing and matching copper or brass tones, silver, and gold. Others would rather just focus on one or two, at most.

If there’s a rule you should keep in mind when it comes to metallic shades, it’s to avoid rose gold, if you can. Rose gold is a little bit on the feminine side, and it works best with classic, elegant, homes, and not the modern industrial vibe that you’re after in your home.

  1. Use A Lot Of Wood

A modern industrial concept is incomplete without injecting a lot of wood elements into it. Generally, you want to focus on having darker colors, but the design is up to you. If you can have hardwood or real wood, then that’s a better option as it guarantees durability and longevity. But if you’re pinching pennies and you’d rather go for something more affordable, wood vinyl or laminates are just as great.

The whole point is simply to have as many wood elements as you can in your home to balance out the cement, bricks, or steel that you’re using. Wood is a great way to make your industrial home look chicer and more polished, plus more beautiful as well.


The design tips above will show you that an industrial home is a timeless style that’s been around for so many years now. While it’s only in the present that this type of design element has boomed in popularity, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be stylish in the coming years. 

One of the best things about the modern industrial look is that it’s extremely versatile. You can easily switch out the little details and decoration pieces to come up with a well-decorated and designed home. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you prepare to give your home a new look.