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Unique Things to do in London Post Lockdown

London is one of the greatest cities in the world, so it’s only natural that prospective holidaymakers would be looking towards it as a potential vacation destination as and when our second national lockdown ends. Even a Wakefield to London train will only take a couple of hours and there’s so much to do that even if you’ve been a hundred times before there is always something to discover. 

Even if coronavirus cases decline spectacularly in the next four weeks, it’s unlikely that holidays abroad are going to be logistically possible until next summer, at least. But there are thousands of ways to keep yourself and your family occupied in London and to keep your mental health in check during lockdown, there can be few things more productive than thinking about what fun you’ll be able to have in the future. Use your lockdown time to research and plan your adventure so you don’t waste a second of it when it finally arrives.

Whilst you might already know and will already have experienced many of the top things to do in London, however, here we’ll be focusing off the beaten path on a few of the more unique delights the city has to offer.

A sleepover at London Zoo

London Zoo allow guests to hire a lodge right by the lion enclosure and enjoy after-hours guided tours. You’ll also get dinner and breakfast included but the real draw is obviously spending the night with some truly majestic beasts!

Go white-water rafting

It might be seen as something that only happens on holiday in some exotic land but thanks to the London 2012 Olympic Games, there are dozens of exciting sporting activities you can take part in right here. This includes the same rafting adventure that dozens of Olympians tackled back then and offers a truly unique white-knuckle experience.

Drink cocktails in a toilet

It might sound like your worst nightmare but if you head to the fashionable Clapham area, you’ll find a beautifully converted public toilet converted into one of the fanciest cocktail bars in London. Certainly, something you don’t do every day!

Explore abandoned tube tunnels

The tube is one of the most iconic aspects of London life but did you know that underneath Euston there are miles of lost tube tunnels including old stations and more, ready and waiting to be discovered. Not one if you’re afraid of the dark, but a fascinating tour for history buffs.

Discover London’s longest graffiti wall

Linking the South Bank to Lower Marsh, this seemingly endless gallery of street art is one of the best-curated in the world and even includes some original works by the one and only Banksy!