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How to Find the Best Under Counter Wine Fridge

If you are an avid wine lover, then you must be aware that how important it is to store a bottle of wine at a certain temperature. If the temperature conditions are not correct, then the wine can turn bad. Your romantic dinner can turn into a disaster because of the spoiled wine.

The best solution to avoid this situation is to get an under-counter wine fridge. These kinds of fridges are built beneath your kitchen counter, where they not only increase the beauty and chic styling of your kitchen, but they also keep your wine cool. 

If you are thinking to buy such a fridge, then you must look for these features:

Single or double Zone fridge:

A dual-zone wine fridge has two compartments, and hence two different kinds of temperatures can be maintained in such a fridge. If you love having a variety of different wines, that need different temperatures, then you should look for a double zone fridge otherwise a single zone fridge is enough.

Noise control:

You do not want to own a wine fridge that is constantly creating noise in your kitchen; that is why you must look for an under-counter wine fridge that generates minimum noise pollution. 

Vibration control:

If you do not have a lot of budget on your hands, then you can compromise on a wine cooler with no noise reduction features, but you must not go for a fridge that can dampen the vibratory effects because if vibrations are noticeable, they can cause your wine to turn bad. 


Before buying an under-counter wine bridge, you must look at your wine collection and buy a fridge accordingly. A big wine fridge with too much capacity is just as bad as the one with not enough storage, so count your bottles and buy the one with a suitable storage capacity.

Air vent:

The location of the air vent is very important; if your cabinet system has a proper airflow system, then it would not matter much. But in case it does not have an airflow system, then it is better that you buy a wine fridge with an air vent on the front side rather than the rear end. An air went for dissipation of heat, and if heat is unable to disperse into the environment, it can cause overheating of the system, and your under-counter wine fridge would not last for a long period.


Before buying a wine fridge, you should know that it is not a necessity; it is a luxury item, so you should not spend all your budget on it. Just look for the basic features, and you are good to go.

Additional Specs:

All the above features are mandatory for good under counter wine fridge. But some other features that can make your fridge even better are compactness, and Light in weight, LCD screen with one-touch control system, UV protection system and low maintenance.