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3 Things to Consider Before Installing a New Roof

The roof is practically the most important part of the house, so choosing the best one can be a daunting task. If you wait until your old roof starts to leak, you will probably have to pay a lot more for repairs. Roof leakage isn’t only inconvenient for the people living in the home, but can also cause a lot of unnoticed structural damage to the house.

A multitude of factors comes into play when considering roofing in Aiken SC from a reputed company.

This article lists certain factors that can determine how good your roof installation will be.


Investing in good quality roofing will save you a lot of money in the long run. The cheapest roofing material is asphalt shingles and lasts approximately 20-30 years. The more expensive ones, like metal and slate, will last much longer.

Besides the consideration of roofing material, hiring an established, reputable roofing contractor is absolutely necessary. These experts will tell you exactly the amount of money your new roof will cost. They will also inform you of any pre-installation preparation that you need to do to avoid issues later.


The climate of an area can easily predict the kind of material, architectural style and even the colors you should have on your roof. Geography is also important when it comes to residential roof repair or new roof installation. For instance, areas that tend to get a lot of snow and rain tend to have higher pitched roofs. Nothing beats a slate tile roof when it comes to tackling harsh winters while being cost-effective at the same time.

On the other hand, clay roofing works best against heat. Terracotta tiles and ceramic roofs last a long time but are a bit expensive, so concrete tiles and slab roofs can be a great alternative, and same goes for any building, from Garden sheds to have great shed windows insulation, to conservatories. Such hot places tend to have lighter color roofs due to the heat absorbing properties of dark colors.

Designing and structural

Basic roof shapes include flat, mono-pitched, gabled, hipped, butterfly, arched and domed. Today, gabled hipped and skillion roofs are the trendiest. In some places, the pitching of the roof is done simply because of the traditional or aesthetic factor.

Pitching can be practical or just stylistic. Parapet roofs and shed box roofs give your house a sleek look and can be used as guard rails. With so many options, some people choose to use the same color all over, whereas some decide to choose a combination of colors.

Some roof types are multilayered, so it is extremely important to decide whether to keep the old layer or start fresh. The weight of the roof also needs to be taken into consideration to determine whether the walls can survive the weight.