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Renewable Electricity Plan

Why Select a Renewable Electricity Plan in Alberta, Canada?

Our atmosphere is being overloaded with harmful compounds such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur oxide. These gases contribute to climate change causing an unprecedented level of damage to the environment.

Harmful greenhouse gasses (GHGs) act as a blanket trapping hot air. This results in global warming, melting ice, frequent storms, rising sea levels, and droughts.

Renewable energy, on the other hand, contributes to little or no harmful emissions. Renewable sources include solar, wind, hydropower, biomass, organic plant and geothermal. The sources are ‘renewable’ since they can’t exhaust similar to fossil fuels. There is no limit to renewable energy and you can compare the price with your current energy provider at

Using renewable energy sources can greatly reduce Canadian global warming emissions.

Selecting utility providers with renewable energy certificates can help reduce our carbon foot on the environment. You can support clean energy selecting electricity plans supported by renewable energy certificate.

Benefits of Selecting a Renewable Energy Plan

Electricity plans with renewable energy certificates provide individuals a way to fulfill their responsibility in reducing the carbon footprint.

Utility companies like Direct Energy offer plans supported by renewable energy certificates. The renewable energy plans allow homeowners to contribute to minimizing the damage done to the planet.

On the other hand, the supply of fossil fuel is finite. We will run out of fossil fuel within the next century. Due to the dwindling fossil fuel supply, the price of fuel is expected to rise. The fuel also contributes to dangerous emissions.

Renewable energy certificates are proof that the utility company generates electricity from renewable sources. Here are some of the benefits of selecting a utility company that offers renewable energy plans.

  • Support the renewable energy sector
  • Contribute to a greener environment due to reduced carbon emissions
  • Reduce carbon footprint without having to invest in costly solar or wind power generators
  • Less pollution and harmful effects on the climate

Companies that offer renewable energy plans are socially responsible. The plan shows a commitment to ending climate change.

Businesses that select a renewable energy plan are able to make a positive brand image. Selecting the plan can help in building a relationship with the customers, employees, and community.

Considerations When Selecting a Renewable Energy Plan

Utility companies generally charge a premium from customers for the use of renewable energy certificates. However, not all green power plans are transparent. You need to ask specifically about the source of renewable energy.

Ask the utility company where renewable energy is generated. This will ensure that you are really contributing to a cleaner, green environment by selecting the plan.

You can buy bundled or unbundled renewable energy plans.

Unbundled plans are generally supplied from an oversupplied market. They are usually offered by out of state wind or solar farms in Canada. Generally, unbundled renewable plans are cheaper. But if you want to really promote renewable energy generation, you should select a bundled option.

Bundled renewable plans are offered as part of the power plans. They are offered by the regional utility provider.

By buying a bundled plan, you can support the installation of new solar plants in Alberta that aims to reduce reliance on non-renewable sources.

With a renewable power plan, your business can claim that it is fulfilling its responsibility to reduce carbon footprint. You will be able to support the renewable industry sector in the area. It shows that your business is committed to the goal of reducing carbon emissions as per the global sustainable development goal.

Cost of a Renewable Energy Power Plan

Renewable energy generation is a costly activity. While no fuel is required for generating electricity from renewable sources, the cost of the installation is high.

So, power plans supported by renewable energy certificates are a little costly as compared to traditional plans. However, the cost of electricity is not that high. You can expect to pay about 0.50¢ higher per kilowatt hour (kWh). Considering the benefit to the ecology, the higher cost of renewable power plans is worth it.

As more people purchase renewable power plans, we will come closer to the goal of true independence from harmful fossil fuel. This will pave way for a greener and sustainable future benefiting everyone.