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Getting Your Swag on When You’re on a Budget

The clothes you wear affect the way you perform, according to a recent study by scientists at California State University, with ‘dressing to impress’ actually honing your ability to engage in abstract thinking and giving you a broader perspective. Of course, if you are a fervent fashionista then you don’t really didn’t much convincing about the big effect that fashionable clothes can have on your mood and self-confidence. If you love riding the wave of the latest fashions but you are saving for an important goal, fear not! Check out these hot trends and ensure you slay your next party or work look, without breaking the bank in order to do so.

Bling is In

Glamour predicts that sequins will be big this year, but you don’t need to buy new items to achieve this look. For instance, you can get away with a simple LBD and bling accessories – such as a sequinned clutch, home-bedazzled flat sneakers, or a sparkly belt. Sequinned accessories can cost less than $10 yet add an elegant night-time touch to your look. On the very smallest scale, you can jazz up your look by using sparkly or glitter-based makeup on the face, or even the decollete.

Bold Gold is Back

Rose gold continues to hold sway in modern jewellery trends, but yellow gold will definitely be big this year as well. If you are after a jewellery item in solid gold, jot down the model and size of your desired items, and wait until Good Friday or other big sale times to seal the deal. If you are unsure about sizing, visit the shop in the weeks leading up to the big day and try out a few items. Sign up for email notifications at your favorite jewelry store so they can notify you of any special sales or prices early. If your chosen gold item is carried by a popular brand carried by various stockists, check carefully online in case one store offers a better price. Shopping online and paying via card may also offer interesting payment options, including payment in installments at an attractive price.

Mismatched and Quirky Looks are In

This is certainly one of the most practical trends we’ve seen. This year, forget all about ‘matchy matchy’ looks and wear one earring on each ear, wear a long top as a dress, and go crazy with extra large bows, asymmetric cuts, and oddly matched colors. This look is a great way to upcycle items you might otherwise have thrown away, including single earrings, clothing in bold colors, and accessories from past decades.

Rocking the Hippy Vibes

Top designers like Chloé and Philip Lim have paid homage to the neo-hippy movement in their latest collections, with warm earthy tones, clashing geometrics, and scarf dresses making a major comeback. Use an extra large scarf in your wardrobe to make a cute summer top, knit your own crochet bag, and pull out old amulet jewellery for a look that harks back to the laidback glamor of the 1970s.

Embracing the Monochrome Look

We will be seeing bold, monochrome looks on catwalks and on chic fashionable areas of the cities we live in, especially in the form of sexy tailored suits in hues like red, yellow, or emerald green. Because this trend may just be short-lived, pick suits that can easily be paired with other tops and trousers or skirts. Better yet, make your purchase last a little bit longer by selecting shades that won’t likely go out of fashion in the near future. These include light grey, summery white, and cool blue.

Consumers spend around $5,400 a year on impulse purchases, according to a survey by, and clothing is comes second in the list. To avoid unnecessary expense, set a strict budget for your fashion spending and for larger purchases (such as jewellery), wait for Big Friday and other important discount days. Finally, take a good look at your wardrobe and think of how to upcycle existing items to create a trendy look.