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The Growing Demand Of Corporate Attorneys During 2020

This last year has indeed proven to be monumental for all citizens and people of all professions, but especially for lawyers and attorneys. Due to COVID-19, everyone’s demand for a corporate attorney has sky-rocketed with the uncertain and unstable condition of the economy. 

How Did It Begin?

When the whole world came under lockdown, corporations and companies of all kinds took a major hit. The responsibility for dealing with the damage in these unprecedented times inevitably falls on the shoulders of corporate attorneys who recognize the importance of the legality of these matters. This is to ensure situations dealing with corporations, employers, and employees are dealt with professionally and don’t turn chaotic. 

To What Extent Did It Reach?

Corporate attorneys are basically the only people left to turn to for every kind of corporation’s CEO or even the owner of a decently sized business venture. The general population is aware of this fact as well because corporate attorneys claim to have experienced a surge of around 25% in clients as a direct result of COVID-19 spreading all over the globe. Not to mention, there are a disproportionate amount of companies and businesses that are filing for bankruptcy as well. 

Are The Corporate Attorneys Equipped To Handle This?

It seems to have caused quite a struggle with a massive number of corporations exercising the majeure clause in their contracts to have the right to delay orders without losing money. It all happened under a short period of time, and the corporate attorneys have also been working overtime to add specifically curated clauses related to COVID-19 in their client’s contracts. A lot of law firms have shut down their offices due to notice from the government to count the virus and are working from their homes. They’re able to contact their colleagues and clients virtually, and since most of the job is paperwork anyway, it’s practical! 

What About The Employees?

It isn’t just about the corporations! So many working-class people’s lives are dependent upon this issue. The legal rights and working conditions of the employees are also definitely something the corporate attorneys have to take into consideration. Since there’s no pre-existing policy regarding giving employees leeway in the midst of a pandemic, attorneys have to draft them and wait for their approval. Additionally, any employee sick or showing signs of the virus is legally required to leave work and self-isolate immediately, and the corporate attorneys have to deal with the aftermath of it.