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How to Create a Yoga Room that Improves Your Practice

Yoga is one of the best ways to relax the mind and body.

It also takes quiet and concentration to practice, which is why you need a designated yoga room.

It’s too hard to do yoga right next to your desk or in front of the tv. Distractions will keep you from tuning in to your body and its needs.

This article will give you ideas on how to create a yoga room you’ll love.

1. Clean It Out

You’ll want to start from scratch when it comes to building a yoga room. That being said, you’ll need to clean out the room first.

Remove all items from the room and store them in different places around your house. Make your yoga room totally empty and then start adding the essentials.

This is a good time to head to Good Will with a bag of belongings you don’t use anymore. Cleaning out the clutter in your house is good for your mental health.

2. Buy Quality Mats

The most important part of a yoga practice is having a good mat.

You’ll want a mat that’s supportive of your body. Get a mat that will repel sweat so you’re not slipping on it constantly.

Once you find a brand you like, buy 3-4 mats so you can invite friends over for a yoga session.

3. Sound it Out

It’s true that you don’t want tv shows blasting in the background of your yoga session, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have ambient music.

Install a speaker that can hook up to your iPhone so you can control the playlist.

Make yoga playlists on whatever music streaming device you use, so you can easily pop it on when you want to relax.

4. Have a Water Station

You don’t want to be in the middle of a yoga session and realize you’re dying of thirst.

Be sure to stay hydrated before and during your yoga practice by setting up a water station.

This can include a mini-fridge with several bottles of water. Gatorade is another good option for restoring your electrolytes after a tough session.

5. Heat Things Up

Practicing hot yoga is one of the best ways to loosen up the muscles and become more limber.

Hot yoga doesn’t have to just be something you do when you go to a studio. You can mimic the practice at home by adding a space heater to your yoga room.

Turn off the air conditioning in your home and just use the space heater to heat the room. You’ll soon be dripping sweat and losing toxins in the process. Since you’re working out in your own home, you can strip off the layers and even practice yoga naked.

6. Make it Private

Your yoga room should be a place you can go to escape and be alone.

If you have a family, be sure to tell them to leave you alone while you’re in the yoga room. Tell them to only come in if it’s an emergency.

This will help your yoga room to feel like a sanctuary. Don’t let it become another room where your kids hang out and dump toys everywhere.

7. Use Common Scents

You want your yoga room to feel different from all the other rooms in your house.

You want it to be relaxing to all of your senses, including your sense of smell.

Place candles around the room to create ambiance and a lovely aroma.

Vanilla, lavender, and jasmine are all scents that are supposed to soothe your mind.

You can also use incense to disperse a smell throughout the room.

8. Use Shade

You want your home yoga studio to be comfortable and private.

You don’t want your neighbors staring at you while you do a downward dog. Buy blackout curtains that will give you privacy and shield you from the sun.

This will give you a soothing environment to practice yoga without worrying about getting a sunburn. You can practice at all times of the day.

9. Add Art

Your yoga studio should be a manifestation of the things that make you feel happy and peaceful.

Adding art to the walls is a great way to add personality and make you feel more at home. Consider art that takes you to your happy place.

If you love the beach, a huge mural of white sand and waves will probably make you feel relaxed. If you’re more of a mountain person, consider a painting of the Rockies.

The art on your yoga studio wall should motivate you to want to keep practicing.

10. Hire a Yoga Coach

Now that you have your own studio, it’s a good idea to get some personalized yoga help.

A private yoga class in your home will get you closer to your flexibility goals.  A coach can watch your technique and identify your weaknesses.

They can teach you which poses are right for your body and what you hope to achieve.

You can even take what you learn and start a yoga teacher training course yourself. You can become a certified yoga teacher and spread your love for it to others. This is a great way to earn a profit from your new yoga room.

You can hold small, intimate classes in the private room for clients.

Now You Know How to Create a Tranquil Yoga Room

Follow these tips to make your yoga room super relaxing.

Remember everyone has different things that help them relax. Your yoga room should reflect your own personality.

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