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Fact Check – Age Is Not a Factor for Laser Hair Removal

Tweezing, shaving and waxing are three of the most preferred body hair removal techniques women prefer all over the globe. That stated these processes are inefficient, time-consuming and costly.

If you are looking for a permanent, efficient and satisfactory solution then you should opt for LASER hair removal from renowned service providers like Therapie Clinic. So what exactly is LASER hair removal? Well, LASER hair removal is a cosmetic procedure.  Here concentrated LASER beams are targeted towards hair follicles in a specified area where the person doesn’t want anybody hair.

Pigments present in the hair follicle absorb the incoming LASER beams and go into a sleep-like state. This stops the hair follicles from forming new hair strands. Thus putting an end to body hair growth in the target area for an extended period of time!

LASER hair removal has been commercially made available all over the globe since the year 1996.

Is age a factor for laser hair removal!?

No, age is not at all a factor when a lady wants to get rid of body hair using the LASER hair removal process. There is no minimum or maximum age for a lady to get a LASER hair removal treatment. A lady can opt for this treatment for as long as she has an active body hair growth cycle on her skin.

That stated, it is best to keep in mind that there are certain factors that do matter when a lady wants to achieve satisfactory results via LASER hair removal. Some of them are as follows:

  • A lady would need to complete at least five to seven LASER hair removal sessions in order to completely eradicate body hair from the target areas.
  • Other factors like the colour of the body hair and the type of her skin could also alter the number of sessions she would need to achieve optimal results.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Here is a list of benefits of laser hair removal:

  • LASER hair removal comes with few preventable side effects. These can be kept at bay given you follow the advice of the professionals at the clinic attending your case.
  • Waxing, epilating, shaving and threading are some of the most commonly preferred hair removal processes. Granted – but they do come with side effects that you can do without! One of the most painful and unsightly side effects of above-mentioned processes is ingrown body hairs. Furthermore, shaving your underarms and related sensitive areas can leave you with a burning sensation. All of these can be avoided when you go for LASER hair removal procedure.
  • LASER hair removal treatments can conclude pretty quickly. You can get your session completed in your lunch hour!
  • It doesn’t cost you the moon! LASER hair removal treatment is affordable given you have set an appointment with a renowned clinic.

How to prepare yourself?

You would need to take certain precautions in order to prepare yourself before getting a LASER hair removal treatment.

To begin with, you would need to stop doing the following:

  • You would need to limit plucking your body hair.
  • You would need to avoid using cold wax-strips
  • You would need to put your waxing appointments on hold
  • You would need to limit your exposure to sunlight as well

You would need to follow this strict regime for about six weeks. If you fail to do so you will be increasing your chances of having complications after the treatment!

What to expect after the procedure?

After you have had a LASER hair removal session, the areas in your body that received the treatment would appear as if it suffered sunburns. It is best that you apply moisturizers in the treated areas. In case you feel a burning sensation in the treated areas, you would need to apply cold compresses as well.

If your face or areas in your face receive the treatment, avoid wearing make-up or applying make-up products for at least two days.

You would need to apply sunscreen in the treated areas for at least about a month every time you head outside just to be on the safe side of things!

So is it a permanent solution?

Well, the answer is no. LASER hair removal heats up the hair follicles thus stopping it from forming new hair. This pause in the hair growth cycle of the hair follicle is not permanent. It can become active after some time. That stated after you have had your LASER hair removal session(s), the hair that does grow back after some time will be:

  • Fewer in number
  • Thinner in terms of thickness of the hair strand
  • Finer in terms of texture

It is best to keep in mind that laser hair removal isn’t a permanent solution. You would need to undergo several sessions to achieve satisfactory results. That stated, be sure to get this procedure done from a renowned clinic for the best results.