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These are The Best Window Treatments If You Have Kids

Baby proofing your home is important when you have small kids and pets or are soon-to-be-parents. There are many things that you put away from their reach, along with covering up the electrical sockets. Get the right window treatments.

If you look at the facts of U.S. Consumer and Product Safety Commission, corded window coverings are one of the five hidden hazards, and it can cause serious injury and even death due to strangulation. So, design your child’s bedroom with utmost care. Here’s what kind of window treatment you should invest in.

Cordless Blinds and Shades

Cords and kids – they don’t mix. We’ve already said, corded window coverings are a safety hazard. We are fortunate to have modern technology that has helped us make our window treatment safer, highly functional yet stylish.

Our experts recommend cellular shades for kids’ room. They allow ample natural sunlight in and keep the excess heat out. You can pair them with blackout curtains as an extra layer of privacy and for a good night’s sleep. If you’re still not sure, talk to the experts at Plantation Shutters Orlando.

Motorized shades

Don’t want to get up from the couch and pull down or lift the shades. Motorized shades can do it for you. You can program them to open and close at specific times during the day. Also, you can shut motorized shades when you’re away, this will keep energy bills down. So, make your home look stylish and comfortable, incorporate motorized shades.


When you’re looking for something different than the regular blinds, shutters can be a good choice.

They are cordless and so no hazard for the kids and pets. You just need to tell us the size and style and we will customize the window shutters in Orlando to your measurements. You can even call our design experts home.

If you’re looking for window treatments for your home, you can visit us in stores or schedule a free in-home expert consultation. We will work together to create your dream home

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