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Where do Roaches Hide in your Room?

Did you just see a cockroach roaming around in your kitchen? Well, it’s alarming. As roaches never move alone they are always in groups. Rest of them might be hiding somewhere. But where? Are you aware of the most favorite places for cockroaches to hide in your home? No? Read more to know the common shelters of cockroaches to safeguard themselves against Roach Killers.

Choicest Lodging for Roaches in Your Home:

Like every species like to dwell around in their comfort zone similarly, roaches have few favorite places at your home. Some of them are:

Electronic Appliances:

We often like to watch TV while having our meals. Especially during dinner as we are mostly free at night hours. The food particles find their way between the remote buttons. Same is the case with the keyboard. If you munch the snacks while working.

A special tiny species of cockroach find their way in between these small spaces and then multiply in number to move to other places. Make sure whenever you eat, you are away from electronic goods. Eat on a mattress and clean the area immediately.

Kitchen Counters and Appliances:

What’s your best choice for holidays? Resorts with warmth, comfort and good food? Same is the case with roaches and your kitchen gives them a natural habitat. The warmth around the kitchen appliances like microwave, toaster, refrigerator etc along with the required moisture makes the best place for roaches to dwell around.

Apart from that, they get the food easily on your platforms. To avoid roaches in your kitchen and keep it hygienic make sure you maintain it tidy. Clear your counter every time you are out of your kitchen. Do not leave any spread out. Neither on the floor nor on any appliances.

Pipes and Sync:

These are the entry as well as the exit points of your home. Most importantly the most neglected part when it comes to cleanliness. We hardly check our pipes for any kind of leaks or damage. We don’t even put efforts to remove any kind of waste accumulates in pipelines. The result is obvious.

When cockroaches have a dark place with moisture, leaks, food accumulates and all sorts of mandatory things for living they will make it their shelter. Periodic check to your pipes for leaks and damage is necessary. Clean it with disinfectants periodically if not regularly. Remember, they might hide here but can multiply in number and spread all over your home.

Cabinets and Storage Places:

There is no place out of the reach of these creepy creatures. They can crawl anywhere and everywhere. Leave no feast for them anywhere in your kitchen or storeroom. Whatever you preserve must be kept in the air right containers. Each of the box and utensil must be clean inside out. Leave no dessert for tempting them. These cranky creepers are always in search of food if you give them a source of food it’s obvious for them to breed. Keep your cabinets clean and tidy. Leave no reason for roaches to enter and breed.


Any of the untidy place at your home is the best place for roaches to hide. Once they find a comfortable shelter they won’t go out but make it a permanent residence for their family and friends. Their favorite spots are full of moisture, dirt, and darkness.

So all the places at your home in continuous contact with water like the kitchen sink, wash area, washroom sinks etc can be the hiding place for roaches. Consider the place full of food as their second favorite place. So keep everything tidy in order to avoid roaches and stay healthy.