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Why Linen Pants And Shirts Best For The Beach Wedding?

One of the most tedious if not meticulous thing that has to be considered on every wedding are the attires to be wear not only by the bride and groom but by the whole wedding entourage as well. Choosing the place where the wedding will take place has to be considered in the preparation of the wedding attires, especially beach wedding attire. If the wedding is to be held along the beach the bride and the groom should consider their wedding attire to outstand the wedding tropics.

Why linen?

Why linen
The ‘so-cool-to-touch’ linen fabric is about two to three times stronger than cotton yet it is soft and smooth when felt against skin. There are many properties of linen fabric that go to make it unique.

  • Linen is a very good conductor of heat- the reason for its being so cool.
  • It is smooth, soft and lint free- in fact, wash it more and it will get softer.
  • It has high natural luster having shades of ivory, ecru, tan, or Grey- if it’s pure white then it is heavily bleached linen.
  • It has a crisp and textured feel. However, it can range from stiff and rough, to soft and smooth.
  • If properly manufactured, linen fabric can highly absorb and rapidly lose water- it can gain up to 20% moisture without even feeling damp- that’s why it is one of the the finest cool summer fabrics
  • It is very durable and strong- in fact, it is more stronger when wet than when dry.

Why Men’s Linen Pants?

Mens linen pants are one of the top picks in the fashion society today. It simply signifies comfort, coolness, and elegance, at the same time. However, the main reason why these pants are so popular is because of its many uses. Most people like buying things that have one or more purpose. And don’t you?

Mens linen beach pants are the type of clothes that a man would have as his steady beach wedding outfit. Linen is by nature, a cool, breathable material, thus making it the perfect material for summer clothes. However, one may associate beach wedding with carefree, relaxed, and casual clothes, and may think that mens pants from linen aren’t suited for wedding settings.

To clarify this point, 100% linen trousers are basically just pants made of linen. And linen is a material that can be used in beach wedding wardrobe, as well as casual ones. So basically, in this case, it’s not the material that is in question; it’s more of the cut of the pants that makes it formal, smart casual, or purely casual.

Mens linen pants can also be worn in the office, during those summer night outs, or even just in socializing wherein you want to have that touch of casual sophistication on you. And of course, there are the drawstring waist mens linen pants that everyone loves when at the beach. So you can have your cool linen pants anytime this summer – just choose the right cut for the occasion.

You can easily find linen pants that are just right for any occasion whether it’s an office party, a summer wedding, or just hanging with your best friends. Linen has been a favorite of men and women for centuries for good reason, maybe you should give it a try.

Here are some great things about linen trousers:

Here are some great things about linen trousers
They are classy. They are casual. They are comfortable. Linen trousers are not going to be “out” anytime soon. What does linen feel like? Linen is soft and light, with a smooth feeling that guarantees comfort. Linen trousers are categorized as formal, but the comfort may as well make this one of the best things to wear during informal occasions.

Linen trousers keep you cool. Linen can absorb water up to 20% of its weight. On the other hand, it has a tendency to dry of fast and stay cool. Combined, this makes for the best material to make your pants out of. The only downside to this fabric is the fact that it is hard to produce and manufacture-unlike cotton. Albeit that, it is also easier to maintain. While cotton pants need extra care, these do not.

Linen uses less lint, making it a lint free fabric. This means that they may be washed or dry cleaned without getting harmed. Your linen trousers will be clean at all times. The fabric also emits a natural shine that lasts through a long time. While the shine is long lasting, the fabric itself is, also. It is a tough and sturdy material that will stay in shape without the need for maintenance. Cotton clothes will fade from washing-linen will not.

Linen is not just white. Many people have been led to believe that linen can only look good in light tones-therefore linen has been dubbed as a white fabric. In fact, it can look great in darker shades like blue too! A lot of linen trousers designed and distributed all over are fashionable and comfortable. These trousers are extremely versatile and can be used formally and informally. These trousers look great in any occasion, and will feel great in every situation.

Mens Beach Wedding Shirts

Mens Beach Wedding Shirts
One of the seasons that a lot of people are worried about is the wedding shirt. It is mainly because wearing heavy clothes especially formal shirts for men will extremely add to the warmness of the weather during beach wedding. It will make them sweat real hard which will make them look un-presentable.

But as you all know, formal shirts are always a must especially if you are going for a beach wedding. When men’s beach wedding shirts was first introduced, a lot of men are having second thoughts if they are going to buy one for themselves as these shirts are made from fabric which is tough. But what they don’t know is that this linen fabric will give them the comfort and the freshness that they all need especially during the scorching heat of the summer. You don’t have to worry about the toughness of the fabric because we assure you that this shirt is really smooth in the skin. It will also give your body the coolness that it needs because the linen fabric will allow the air to circulate throughout your body and shirt to keep you cool and fresh all day long.

What is good about these men’s linen shirts?

The good things about mens linen shirt is that it can be worn even in the office because it portrays a formal yet elegant look. You can also match your linen shirt with a linen pants if you are planning to wear this during a beach wedding as these get up will surely match the relaxing and comfortable scenery of the beach. Guys and girls can take advantage of the comfort of linen clothes and still have a great looking sense of style. Linen clothes have been a part of the fashion scene for years and aren’t going away any time soon.

Author Bio: Katy Hill is a former fashion journalist working for a local newspaper. Four years back she joined Wedding Tropics as a content moderator and has worked her way to the Content Manager. She is a fan of casual fashion wear, a big time foodie, and a solo travel enthusiast. She loves travelling to new places exploring different cultures & meeting new people from around the world.