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5 Benefits of Grab Lorry in Waste Disposal Management

Industries and large businesses across the UK produce large deposits of waste every year, some of which need a lot of time and effort to dispose of. As required by law and as a way of safeguarding the environment, organizations have to practice safe waste disposal.

One of the ways of making waste management easier and safer is to use Grab Lorries. These cost-effective and often overlooking time-saving solutions to waste disposal can come in handy when you have a pile of waste that needs to be safely disposed of.

If you weigh up your options regarding whether or not to go with Essex grab hire, here are benefits of hiring Grab Lorries to convince you more.

1. More volume

A grab lorry will clear almost twice the volume of waste a regular can hold. In fact, an 8-wheeled grab lorry can carry waste equivalent of three skip loads. This saves you more money and time of having to organize for the delivery and collection of three skip loads. Not to mention the time you would take to manually fill three skips. Why spend time manually collecting waste with a shovel and wheelbarrow when a hydraulic grab arm can do the same in a fraction of that time.

Grab hire is not only quicker but also cheaper- for example, Mason trucking grab hire can organize for the collection and delivery of your waste within 24 hours of your inquiry.

2. Versatility

Grab lorries can handle virtually everything- from wet garden muck and large lumps of green garden waste or concrete to loose soil, these waste collection solutions can handle all your waste. All you need is to put the waste into piles so that it can be collected at a faster rate.

3. Mobility

Unlike a skip, which is placed on a permanent location, a grab lorry can move from one place to another, which means it can clear the waste from your site faster and leave, thereby minimizing disruptions in your working area.

What’s more, it can clear away waste from inaccessible areas thanks to the hydraulic arm that offers extended reach.

4. They make waste removal less strenuous

Filling a removal skip is a lot of work, as everything is done manually. You have to haul everything to the skip and then lift it over the rim for emptying. Medium-sized pieces of scrap will not pose a lot of problems, but heavy and large waste can be a lot of work.

With a grab lorry, you will not need to do this manually as the grab arm will pick up all the waste and deposit it into the lorry. This will result in fast waste removal.

5. Grab Lorries can also deliver

One of the most overlooked advantages of Grab Lorries is that they not only remove waste from construction sites but also deliver materials.

Therefore, if you have some raw materials or construction materials that you need to be delivered, such as soil, rock, or sand, you can take advantage of a grab lorry to arrange for delivery of material as it comes to your job site to collect waste.

Final Words

Waste removal should not be a labour-intensive and costly process. If you hire a grab lorry, you can have waste removed from your construction site or garden easily.

To know the right grab hire option for your waste collection and delivery needs, compare different companies and go for one with a good reputation.

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