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What to Look for When Choosing a Fence for Your Pet

Raising a pet isn’t easy, but if you have a house with a yard, the challenge becomes tougher. Your pet deserves the same safety and protection that you give other family members. Hence, fencing is so necessary for houses with yards. Whether you own a dog, cat, or any other pet, chances are they will want to escape the house and roam around. From falling in a pit to getting run over or getting stolen, there’s a lot that could go wrong if your pet runs out without supervision. Fencing the yard with good quality fences from reputed companies like Sierra Fence is one way to secure your pets from outside dangers. Fencing may sometimes feel confining, but it also keeps them safe and protected. However, when you think about fencing, there’s more to consider than just the type or style. You also want to consider how the dog will get outside so shop for a dog door for small dogs or find a size that fits your pet. Here’s what you should consider when buying a fence.

What Pet You Have

The type of fencing you need depends a lot on the pet you have. If your pet is big in size, you’ll need a higher fence. And if you have a small pet, the fence you use can also be smaller. Similarly, if your pet is highly trained or mellow in nature, you can even use an invisible fence to keep them inside. But if your pet is curious by nature, an invisible or simple fence may not be enough to stop them. Another factor you need to consider is the presence of predators in your area. If you live in an area with predators, you’ll have to select your fence accordingly to prevent them from coming inside too.

Ample Space

Space is another factor that should be considered when fencing a property. If your home or property has a good amount of space for the pets to roam free, fencing the perimeter is a good option. This way, the pets will have ample room to play around and won’t be tempted to go beyond the fence. Make sure you check your yard for enough space before installing a fence. It is always better to get a professional estimate of where and how much fencing you need before doing the installation. 

Legal Permit

Sometimes, you need to get legal permit before installing a fence. If your house yard is in a disputed area, you will need to get permission before you do any kind of construction. However, don’t make the mistake of ignoring them or avoiding them as it may cause trouble later. You might also need a city or county’s permission to fence your property. Many homeowner’s associations and societies also have certain rules regarding building fences. While fencing is a small issue, it still needs the necessary permissions in such cases.

Cost and Maintenance

Installing a fence is expensive. The cost of fence installation depends on the type, material, style, height, and size of your fence installation. However, simply installing a fence and forgetting about it doesn’t work. Many fences need regular maintenance and care. Some materials need to be cleaned and polished. For wood fences it’s important to re-stain them every once in a while. Vinyl requires regular cleaning while metal fences need touch up if it’s going rusty or scratchy. 

Material of the Fence 

The material of the fence is again a very important decision. Wood fences provide the maximum privacy but they are high maintenance. Wrought iron fences look beautiful, durable, and also very expensive. Choosing the right material for your fence is necessary for various reasons. It depends on the pet you have, your local area, your budget and how you use your yard. A fence can also work as a barrier and give you privacy from the neighbors. You can have backyard parties or spend some alone time there with the protection of a fence. Sometimes homeowner’s associations also have rules regarding which materials can be used for fencing. So, it’s better to check all these parameters before going ahead with an installation. 

While the initial cost of installing fences is high, their various benefits and cost-effectiveness makes them worth the money spent. Plus, it offers safety and security for your treasured pets!