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5 Compelling Reasons To Get An RV Cover For Your Trailer

Coming near the end of camping season, you’ll find RV owners storing up their trailers for the following year. You can park your trailer in a spacious garage if you’re lucky to have one. But if you’re like many others with a regular-sized garage, a cover is the way to go.

While you might think that leaving your trailer out in your backyard is enough, it could acquire damages that can cost thousands to get fixed. If you’re not yet convinced of getting your own RV cover, here are a few reasons you should have one as soon as possible:

  1. Protects From Natural Elements

An RV cover’s primary purpose is to protect your trailer from snow, rain, and UV damage. UV rays can cause your trailer’s paint to fade and the roof and seals to crack. If your location is susceptible to extreme weather changes, it’s wise to store your trailer in a metal structure. A regular cover might not be enough to keep it safe from excessive water and heat from the seasons.

You can look for high-quality metal RV covers available in different styles from and others. Consider the ones that provide an extended warranty, so you’re assured that your cover is free of defects. You might also benefit from free or discounted repairs in case the cover gets damaged too soon. A reputable RV cover seller may even offer delivery and installation of the structure in your home.

  1. Anti-Rust And Corrosion

An RV trailer is made of iron or an alloy containing iron. These materials make the vehicle prone to rusting and corrosion over time. However, you can slow down the process with a cover and maybe even avoid it altogether throughout the trailer’s lifetime.

Severe rust can be difficult to remedy, especially on a large vehicle. Even with the best rust-remover chemical, it might not be effective enough to save the damaged areas. You’ll need to replace the affected parts once this happens. And if the parts cover a large area of your RV, this can be pretty expensive to change.

  1. Avoids Wear And Tear

Leaving your RV trailer exposed to the outside can speed up deterioration. Without a cover or a structure to protect it, your once new-looking RV can turn years old in only a few weeks. The exterior decal designs you might have on it will fade even faster, too. 

Always consider the severity of the weather in your area before purchasing a cover. If you believe a polyester cover won’t protect it well, you can opt to store your trailer in a larger structure. Check if the land area near your house has the perfect placement to install a metal cover. 

  1. Preserves Resale Value

You might wish to sell your RV trailer one day, but you can only get a reasonable price for it if it’s still in excellent condition. Most people prefer to buy second-hand trailers that are well-maintained. Expect your trailer to sell for a much lower price if potential buyers spot any signs of weathering.

A good quality RV cover that can withstand external elements can preserve your trailer’s condition for a long time. Before getting one, make sure it fits your trailer correctly and has mechanisms to secure it in place. A cover held down by pins and ropes won’t protect the vehicle the way you might expect.

Also, avoid using a simple tarp like the blue polyethylene type. This type is more affordable, but the material isn’t breathable and it may scratch your RV’s exterior like sandpaper does. Tarps aren’t designed to wrap a whole trailer either because most of the time, they’re too small to cover every spot.

  1. Keeps It Clean

Trailers are much larger than regular private vehicles, which is why it might be a challenging task for you to wash them every time you need to. With an RV cover, you can keep dirt, dust, and bird droppings at bay until it’s time to use your trailer again. Not using a cover puts your RV at risk of other issues like frozen interiors, flat tires, and dead batteries. These often happen if you leave it outdoors unprotected during colder months.

Having a cover also reduces costs on cleaning materials. You’ll have less time cleaning your trailer and more time preparing for your next camping trip. A clean trailer can also equate to a trailer that won’t break down all of a sudden, especially on long road trips during winter.


An RV is a huge investment for most people. Some might even consider it a luxury to own one. If you have one, you must care for it like you would for your own home. A cover for your RV is a product you should also invest in to protect your vehicle from collecting dirt and damages. It’ll maintain the condition of your trailer for whether you plan to keep using it or sell it in the future.