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7 Important Things to Know Before You Arrive in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best and most exotic holiday travel destinations in the world. It is one of those magical cities that you hear about so much, but still you never really know what to expect before traveling there.

Here are 7 important things you should know before you arrive in Dubai.

1. Advance Booking of Hotel Would Be a Wise Choice

Since Dubai is such a famous holiday destination. The main travel season for tourists is from October to April. People in Dubai experience only two seasons, hot and other is hotter. In summer, Dubai is tremendously hot. The best period to visit Dubai is from November to March when the city evenings are draped with beautiful blue skyline and the best beach weather. To enjoy your tour in pleasant weather you must make sure that you have a nice spot to stay in and dine. Make your hotel booking for two to three months in advance.

2. Dubai Is Undoubtedly Safer

Dubai is a safe city in comparison to other major cities around the world. Despite the unrest in the region, the United Arab Emirates is the world’s second safest place to visit. Burglaries are unlikely and it is safe to take taxis at night. Another thing that tourists should be careful about is crossing the street. The biggest dangers are reckless driving and crossing the road, not from a zebra crossing. Dubai is one of the safest destinations in the Middle East due to tourist-friendly laws.

3. What to Wear in Dubai

When packing your holiday wardrobe think carefully about destination culture. In Dubai, women’s clothes are considered indecent if they are too short, tight or transparent, while men should never walk around without a shirt. Dubai is a multicultural city, where nearly 85% of the population is expatriates. It’s not obligatory to cover your hair, shorts and T-shirts are not frowned upon, and you can wear a bikini on the private beach or by the pool only. In shopping malls, mosques, and souks, you should respect local culture by modestly dressing.

4. Do Not Take Pictures without Permission

Be cautious while photographing in Dubai. Taking pictures of natives, especially women without their permission, is illegal. Tourists are enticed to take photos of new spots and places. Nevertheless, be sure to take consent when taking pictures at public spots. Despite some restrictions, you can take photos of places like the Grand Mosque, gardens and iconic structures, and the vast splendid desert beauty. Do not take photos of government buildings and offices, the Dubai Metro, the airport and military buildings.

5. For the Exotic Food Dubai Is Heaven

Dubai’s main food culture is inspired by Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Which means you’ll find warm and delicious Indian serving to Korean food. Camel is traditional food in Dubai and many Emirati dishes contain the camel meat. You can eat delicious camel stir fry or if you are craving for fast food than must try camel pizza, burgers and hotdogs, and you would find it surprisingly delicious. Hotels offer lavish restaurants with delicious food, you should never miss the street food. On the other hand, if you want to have one luxurious experience with your family than a cruise night would be just perfect for you. A drive over the Dubai Creek is a novel experience that you should not miss. Have dinner on a dhow cruise with mesmerizing lights of Dubai Creek and the music and dance show with a sip of your favorite drink and a BBQ dinner buffet. It’s the most famous and enjoyable trip to Dubai with moonlight hypnotizing you. You must experience the beautiful sights of the city center and Dhow Cruise Dubai Mariana.

6. Drinking Alcohol in Dubai

Alcohol is legal in Dubai; however, tourists are not allowed to drink in public as public drinking and driving are illegal. You cannot buy alcohol for personal use without permission. You must buy it from a company that holds a license. Ordering drinks in a bar or restaurant is not a problem. Alcohol is accessible in licensed bars and restaurants. Plenty of bars have happy hour and the legal drinking age is 21 years. So keep your travel documents with you. Ladies’ Night is usually on Tuesdays; women can enjoy free drinks, whereas Friday brunches, where you can only eat and drink, are traditions in Dubai. Just do not try to get overdrunk.

7. Avoid Public Display of Affection

Dubai has numerous social rules including that couples do not demonstrate any public display of affection like kissing or holding hands. Hotels may even require couples to show a marriage license since couples that are unmarried are usually not allowed to stay in one room. These rules may sound odd to some, but the United Arab Emirates has a lower crime rate due to such law enforcement. You must remember that you are in an Arab country and that its local laws reflect the cultural norms.

Dubai is among the top tourist destinations. It is an exceptional destination worth experiencing with your whole family and friends.