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Felt and Fat Elaborates on Why Custom Tableware Is the Perfect Gift for This Wedding Season

The wedding season is here, and the excitement buzzes louder than ever after social events were put on hold during the previous year due to the global pandemic. Now, as masks are left behind in junk drawers rather than requiring a spot with outing necessities, it is time for friends and families to once again gather together with uncovered faces to celebrate the love and matrimony of newlyweds. And for guests of the bride and groom, we have the perfect wedding gift idea for you. 

Felt and Fat, a tableware manufacturer that is considered the go-to for restaurants both domestically and internationally, says that the wedding season is picking up pace as an increased number of people become vaccinated throughout the United States, which means so are their sales. Nate Mell, the founder of Felt+Fat, says that custom tableware for newlyweds is an ideal gift that will last for not only years but for generations. Felt and Fat highlights several reasons as to why choosing custom tableware for your next wedding gift is both a thoughtful and smooth move.

Give the Gift of an Ever-Lasting Memory

Something wonderful that a wedding gift can do for a newly married couple at the beginning of their marriage and for many years to come is to give a gift that will remind them of the day they said their vows. Gifting custom tableware will spark that memory of their wedding day every time they use those dishes, and especially when someone asks, “Where did you get your tableware?”

Give a Gift That Can Be Passed Down Generation to Generation

Though Fortune recommends giving the gift of a Roomba for a wedding present, the hands-free vacuum is short-lived and comes with an expiration date compared to a wedding gift like custom tableware. Ceramic artists at Felt and Fat pride themselves on making custom tableware from their proprietary blends of porcelain and glaze, making their tableware both strong and elegant. The company says that their dishes are “intended to be used for generations.” When a bride and groom come together to start a life and a family of their own, having a gift like tableware from their wedding day that can be passed down from generation to generation is both special and incredibly meaningful.   

Give the Gift of a Timeless Piece

Porcelain tableware such as Felt and Fat’s is considered a wedding gift that will withstand time as it is both high quality and a classic look that will never go out of style. The timeless beauty of porcelain dinnerware will make any meal look esthetically pleasing from day one and beyond. 

Give a Gift that Gives Back

Giving the gift of handmade tableware not only supports the arts and traditional skilled work, but also gives back to small businesses. You can feel good about buying custom dinnerware thanks to this perspective: when you buy a product from a small business, you are empowering an individual or a small group and embracing their craft. Unfortunately, the same perspective does not come with purchasing dinnerware from a big-box retailer. 

About Felt and Fat

Felt+Fat is a tableware manufacturer in Philadelphia, well-known for exquisite, handmade ceramic dishes. Their customers include famous chefs like Eli Kulp, and their work has been featured in publications such as the Philadelphia Inquirer, Food&Wine, Bon Appetite, and The New York Times. Established in 2014, Felt+Fat has developed proprietary blends of porcelain and glazes to create elegant, durable tableware.