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Dos and Don’ts of Personalised Gifting: Navigating Personal Preferences

Personalised gifts have become a prominent choice among givers, marking occasions with an extra sprinkle of thoughtfulness. They convey genuine affection and reflect the giver’s understanding of the recipient’s likes, passions, and individuality. However, when it comes to navigating personal preferences, things can get slightly tricky. Here’s a guide to the dos and don’ts of personalised gifting.

1. Understand the Recipient’s Taste

Do: Research Thoroughly

Before jumping into the process, invest some time in understanding the person’s taste. Consider their hobbies, interests, and the nature of your relationship. Personalised gifts should resonate with the individual, not just be a decorative piece gathering dust.

Don’t: Assume Preferences

Avoid making assumptions based on gender, age, or stereotypes. What might seem ‘ideal’ for a particular group might not hold for everyone in that category. Instead of taking generalised routes, focus on the uniqueness of the individual.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Do: Invest in High-Quality Items

If you’re going for personalised gifts, ensure the base item is of top quality. Personalising a subpar product doesn’t elevate its value; in fact, it may have the opposite effect. Brands like Create Gift Love offer a blend of quality and personalisation, ensuring the recipient gets the best of both worlds.

Don’t: Overcomplicate with Too Many Personalisations

A gift overloaded with engravings, pictures, and messages can sometimes feel cluttered. The aim is to make the item unique but still aesthetically pleasing.

3. Meaningful Messages

Do: Opt for Genuine Words

If your personalised gift includes a message, ensure it comes from the heart. It doesn’t have to be lengthy; even a simple phrase that encapsulates your sentiments can be powerful.

Don’t: Rely Excessively on Templates

While there are countless templates available, using them without modifications can come off as impersonal. If you do use one, tweak it to fit the recipient’s personality or the nature of your relationship.

4. Consider the Occasion

Do: Align with the Event

A wedding anniversary calls for a different kind of personal touch than a graduation or birthday. Your gift should reflect the significance of the occasion. For instance, a personalised journal might be apt for a budding writer’s birthday, whereas a customised photo album could be a cherished anniversary gift.

Don’t: Overdo Themes

If the occasion has a theme, such as a baby shower or a themed party, ensure your personalised gift complements it without being too overpowering. It’s one thing to have a touch of the theme, but another for the gift to scream it.

5. Practicality is Key

Do: Choose Usable Gifts

A personalised gift that can be used regularly is likely to be appreciated more. Think along the lines of engraved kitchenware, customised stationery, or tailor-made accessories. They not only serve a purpose but also constantly remind the receiver of your thoughtfulness.

Don’t: Opt for Overly Bulky Items

While a massive personalised wall clock or a life-sized canvas might seem like a grand gesture, consider the practicalities. Will the recipient have space for it? Would it blend with their home’s decor? It’s vital to think about the long-term feasibility of the gift.

6. Respecting Privacy

Do: Handle Personal Details with Care

If the gift requires inputting sensitive data like dates or names, make sure you’ve got them right. Additionally, always use trusted platforms or stores that respect privacy concerns.

Don’t: Get Too Personal

There’s a thin line between a heart-touching personalised gift and one that delves deep into someone’s private space. Avoid using details that the person might not be comfortable sharing publicly.


Personalised gifting can be a delightful experience both for the giver and the recipient when done thoughtfully. The nuances lie in understanding, respecting, and aligning with the personal preferences of the individual. By adhering to the above guidelines, you can ensure your gifts not only touch hearts but also strengthen bonds.