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Where do You Put a Drying Rack?

A drying rack is a great way to dry your clothes naturally with no time. It is easy to use and works fine. Also, when you use the drying rack, you can dry fabrics without any shrinking or stretching, unlike any traditional dryer. At the same time, it keeps the fabric good for a long time by drying the fabric safely and gently.

Moreover, since the dryer does not require any electricity, you can save a lot of money. However, when you purchase a new drying rack, the first question that comes to your mind is where do you put a drying rack? Do you have this same question? Well, there are plenty of options available for you to put the dryer.

Where do you put a drying rack?

You will find different types of drying rack in the market. Based on the type of rack, you can decide and understand where you can actually put the rack.

  • Put rack on the wall

You will find the wall mounted drying rack that you can mount on the wall. These racks are made of stainless steel and come up with sleek design. As a result, you can easily install it on the wall and it takes a very small space. That means if you have a small space and running out of the idea that where do you put a drying rack, you can pick this type of rack and use it. Even this rack lets you put up the rack when not in use.

  • On the ceiling

Along with the wall-mounted rack, you will find a ceiling-mounted rack as well. These racks suspend from the ceiling and offer an amazing way to dry your clothes. So if you do not know where you can keep the dry rack, you can use these rack and mount it on your ceiling. Sometimes, we do not have enough space on the wall to put the rack.

In that case, a ceiling-mounted rack can help and let you put the rack on the ceiling. Another great thing about the ceiling-mounted rack is that it dries the clothes naturally. As a result, you don’t have to spend money on fuel to dry your clothes at all. Also, it can hold a lot of loads as well.

  • Hang the rack

If you want to dry your clothes on your porch, then a hanging rack can help. In other words, if you have a hanging rack, you can put the rack on the porch or roof or even your ceiling. Most of the hanging racks come with elegant design and can hold up to 20 clothes at once. Besides, it lets you put up the rack when not in use. You do not need any tools to remove the rack at all. Simply open the rack and put up anywhere you want.

  • Put the rack on over the balcony

When you want to dry your clothes under the sunlight to have fresh and clean dried clothes, you can put the drying rack on over the balcony. Some racks are designed for the balcony use so that you can dry your clothes on the balcony. These racks are easy to use and take small spaces. However, these racks cannot take a heavy load at all. That means if you want to dry many things under the sunlight, you cannot put those on this type of drying rack.

  • Door rack

Even you can put your rack over the door. If you find no space to put your rack in your room and if you do not have a suitable ceiling or balcony, you can put the rack over the door. You will find a door rack in the market too. These racks let your fold down the rack and store it when not in use to save the place. So if no space is suitable for you to put your drying rack, this is the option for you.

Some additional tips to put your drying rack

Along with all these places, you can maintain some tips to put your drying rack on your home. These tips will help you put your rack in a more convenient and easy location.

  • Always try to put your drying rack near to the heat source so that it can collect the heat from the source and dry your clothes within no time.
  • If the clothes are completely wet, it is better to keep those on the drying rack that is on the bathroom to avoid flooding the room anyway.
  • If you have a pet on your house, it is better to put your dryer rack above the touching point of the pet so that it does not ruin your clothes from the rack at all.
  • You can even use the fan to put the rack if you are in a rush and do not have enough time to put the rack and dry your clothes.
  • Try to keep the drying rack near the wardrobe so that it becomes easier for you to put the clothes on the wardrobe once you have completed the drying on the drying rack.


Getting the best place to put your drying rack is important. When you put the rack in a suitable place, it helps you easily dry your clothes without spending any energy at all. Also, it helps you dry your clothes faster. So now you know the answer to the question of where do you put a drying rack? It will be easy for you to save space in your home and keep more things in the place. Besides, you can now organize your home better than ever since you know where to put the rack. So follow the tips and put the rack in the right place.