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Transform a Worn-out Lawn with Renovation Services

Most lawns don’t continue looking beautiful as the years go by if they aren’t regularly maintained. Heat damage, vehicles, animals and other factors all put pressure on our lawns and cause them to wear out and start looking worse with each passing year. That’s exactly why lawn renovation services are worth purchasing if you’re looking for a way to restore your lawn to like-new looks once again. This means finding a top-tier lawn care company that has the skills and the tools to remove the most common issues that plague most residential lawns.

Transform a Worn Lawn into a Show Yard Fast

If you’ve been dealing with a worn and defeated lawn for several years you might have come to the belief that there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s not the case though. With the right lawn care team on your side, you can revitalize even the most damaged lawn to make it look beautiful once again. The trick is figuring out what’s wrong with your lawn and how you can fix all of those issues effectively.

Have Your Lawn Evaluated for Problems

Start off by having a lawn care professional come to your home and walk around your property looking at all your grass. This walkover is essential for determining the condition of your yard and for getting an idea of what sort of problems you are facing. Seasoned pros have spent years looking at similar lawn problems and will immediately recognize most issues that you’re facing. At King Green, we understand how to restore health and beauty to most lawns that we treat and we have a proven record of taking even the most worn lawns and bringing them back to life again.

Make Your Lawn Healthier with Aeration

One reason that lawns begin to die off is because of overcrowding and too many roots. As your lawn gets too thick it becomes impossible for nutrients to get down to the roots of your soil where they’re needed most. Aeration is a simple process where small plugs are removed from your lawn to open up pathways for those nutrients to flow once again. Aeration will make your lawn healthier and should make it look more impressive as well.

Use Reseeding to Beautify Those Worn Sections

Even a healthy lawn won’t always be able to regenerate if it suffers from significant damage. This is what re-seeding is for. Having your lawn reseeded is a powerful way to fix patchy areas and to get that lush and beautiful finish you’re going for once again. A lawn care specialist will know what sort of seed to put over your lawn and how much seed you need to get your lawn looking great once more.

Proper Fertilization is Key to a Beautiful Lawn

Along with reseeding and aerating your lawn, it’s important to get nutrients back into the soil once again. Some lawns need more nutrition than others, but if you don’t fertilize your lawn regularly chances are good that you would really benefit from a fertilizer application. The fertilizer should be laid out on top of your lawn to make sure it has enough nutrition to live on healthily.

Get Help that’s Specific to Your Lawn Type

Different lawn types require different levels of care. That’s why you always need to hire a lawn care specialist that’s worked with the type of grass that you have on your property. Experts will understand how to determine what sort of lawn you have almost immediately and will know the best practices for caring for it as well.

Fix Your Lawn Now

Instead of continuing to try and repair your lawn issues all by yourself, consider calling in the experts to help you get the results you want. Local experts will understand how to identify and repair your lawn’s biggest issues. After your beautiful lawn is restored you can handle the maintenance yourself to keep it looking good, or hire professional help for that as well and take all the work out of your landscape.

There’s no reason for you to continue living with a lawn that you aren’t in love with. Get help from lawn care experts to revitalize your tired lawn and you’ll have a landscape that you love showing off once again. Spending a bit of money on professional help will give you the tools you need to get your lawn looking great fast. Just make sure you work with a company that knows how to customize lawn repair by grass type so you can get the best restoration results.