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What to See and Do in Prague on A Weekend

10 things to do in Prague on a weekend

Prague is known as “the city of a hundred towers” and for many good reasons. In fact, it is one of those European cities where a search for images on Google really does justice to the place. Images of beautiful palaces, numerous castles, towers, churches, bridges and spectacular houses – all this, forms an intoxicating mixture. And, last but not least, the wonderful Pilsener beer. That is Prague. All this makes the capital of the Czech Republic a good choice for any type of trip you want including weekend: culture, enjoy beer, a trip with your friends, or just your camera and you. So, if you are going to visit the city or need convincing reasons to go, here are some ideas to help you get started.

Day of Arrival

If you arrive in Prague by plane you have several options to get to the hotel. Once you have left your bags at the hotel, it is best to venture into the heart of the Old City and let yourself be lost in its streets. In the plaza of the Old City you will have the first encounter with the oldest Astronomical Clock in the world and still works, a great engineering work of its time, the Church of Tyn or the City Hall. It’s party time. Enjoy life through a lavish party with VIP Limousine in the magnificent evening.

1.Explore your places

The center of historical Prague is the heritage of humanity with all of the law. Its Old Town Square, full of Gothic houses bordering the river, is a great example of this condition. Baptized with the name of the patron saint of Bohemia, you cannot miss the Wenceslas Square, which has been the scene of important events and meetings.

2.Cross the river on a historic bridge

PueRio Vltava and Charles Bridge – You can see dozens of great bridges through the Vltava, the largest river in the Czech Republic. But crossing Charles Bridge is one of the things you cannot stop doing in Prague, it even has its own museum. It is the oldest and largest bridge in the whole river. The Old Bridge Tower is equally spectacular and was also built by Carlos IV. And now to enjoy a beautiful view of Prague you just have to climb to its Gothic tower.

3.A beautiful view of the city

You can start by reaching the oldest park in Prague that is located on the Letna hill next to Prague Castle without forgetting the Petrin Hill and its parks that deserve a long walk. If you want to enjoy a luxury itinerary, get on the funicular to the top. Although the view is wonderful, it gets much better from the top of the Petrin Observation Tower (which incidentally was inspired by the Eiffel Tower).

4.Visit one of its many castles

The Prague Castle, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is probably the monument of the country is most proud. The Guinness Book of World Records it as the largest castle in the world. Don’t miss the perfect image in the picturesque Alley of gold. It is a very picturesque street of small houses. The writer Franz Kafka was probably its most famous resident.

5.Watch a play, show or concert

If you want to enjoy some classical music, the Municipal House is one of the best places. The National Theatre and the National Opera that also share the same historic building – if you want to soak up the Czech culture this is the place.

6.Stroll through the Jewish quarter

The main attractions of the Jewish quarter are the cemetery and the Spanish synagogues retain significant moorish design that can boast of being one of the oldest cemeteries in the world in the world. It has about 12,000 tombstones do not miss its striking decorative motifs. After visiting the Jewish Quarter, you can take the opportunity to get to know the city from the Vltava River by opting boat trip with or without food.

7.Taste a bit of beer

Pilsener beer was invented near Prague and they take brewing very seriously. After all, it’s something they’ve been doing for over a thousand years. There are more than 20 active breweries in Prague alone, so different types of good quality beer will not cost you very much.

8.Eat in a restaurant with spectacular views

You can have a drink in one of the traditional restaurants particularly which offers a beautiful view of the river, the Charles Bridge and the castle. The best place is the upper deck, but you can also eat indoors, as there are many windows. They serve Italian and Czech food.

9.Dance the night away

From DJs to fancy electronic music Czech nightclubs have all for you desire. Mostly the clubs have huge dance floors to dance away the boredom bring back the classiness in life.

10.Take a walk

Let a professional guide take you to visit the city and show you all the places of interest in a time saving order by not complicating the tour. At the end of the walk and depending on the time you have, you can choose to eat in the Old Town or climb the Petrin Hill, one of the favourite places for locals to spend the weekend.