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7 Things You Will Love About The Bahamas

With all of the stress of life right now and uncertainty of the future, sometimes you just want to live for today. No better way than to plan a vacation for you and your loved ones. Don’t wait, start your vacation plans right away. You know what? A Bahamas cruise is the best way to begin your vacation. Here are 7 things that you will absolutely love about The Bahamas:

Sense Of Adventure

There are plenty of adventurous activities to indulge in. From Jet skiing to skydiving there is a vast amount of exhilarating interests that will attract the most active adventurers. Like The Abacos, which is the boating capital of the world. You may find yourself on jet skis or speedboats gliding freely upon the beautiful tropical waters. The Bahamas offers deep sea diving where you will find underwater caves and forest like coral reef displays that are once in a lifetime sights to behold. 


This Caribbean culture will knock your socks off. The Bahamas has a slew of events for both the night owl and the day walker. The late night club scene is, needless to say, booming. However there are rarities in The Bahamas like The Coral Harbor Native Show. This is where you will see the many magnificent and perhaps even abnormal talents of Bahamians. This also includes meals, fire dancing and live performances. Many of these types of events are available to those who visit this unique location.


For the historical folks who value the full culture package there is a bevy of luxurious as well as historically rich sights to see. You can take an Islandz Tour in Nassau, where you learn about every aspect of rum and it’s manufacturing. Monumental sights such as the Christopher Columbus statue, The St. Matthews Anglican Church, The Bimini Arch monument and many more. There are also tours that will allow you to see the most naturally beautiful areas in The Bahamas.

Relax a Little

You know not everyone wants to do so much all the time, I mean it is a vacation right? People usually go on a vacation to relax! The Bahamas is definitely the place for pure relaxation with spa treatments that will pamper the biggest of the vacation goers. Bling’D 11.11 Nail spa offers manicures and pedicures along with Swedish and deep tissue massages. Go to Paradise Island for a Cabbage Beach massage and experience the waves of the sea while experiencing waves of relaxation. Of course there are many more Spa treatment Centers that offer a little something different than others; this should be on the to-do list.

Romantic Location

It is quite obvious that in such a beautiful place with so many exquisite sights that there would be a variety of luxurious accommodations. With wonderful High quality Hotels and B&B’s it is a popular and safe choice for weddings, getaways and honeymoons. The Atlantic borders The Bahamas and has naturally warm waters. Not to mention white and pink sand in certain areas. The Bahamas sets the romantic scene for you.


The Bahamas has your basic tropical climate with rainfall being most prevalent in summer months. There isn’t much of a rise or fall in temperature most of the time, with very little even when seasons change. The Bahamas are ideal for all who really truly want to get away.


After all of the above reasons are stated I think it’s clear that this can serve as a romantic and fun island, a cultural experience and a nice simple family vacation. So many activities can be shared as a family in this place. There are sports that can be engaged in, along with the majority of the aforementioned points. Shuttles are available for multiple persons, it’s a tropical hotspot indeed.

The Bahamas is the ideal vacation spot. You get a little of everything!

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