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Importance of a Great Design

Design is a crucial part of setting up a brand, visualising and presenting it to the world. Oftentimes, it goes hand-in-hand with the company vision, with both being formed at the same time in the first days of a business. So why do so many companies get it wrong?

Each story is different, and economic factors play a big role, but it is obvious that many businesses simply have no interest in investing in a good design. Those that do commonly hire a professional designer or opt to try it themselves, and these efforts are rewarded. Today, we are looking at what makes a great design important for a brand.

1. Standing out from the crowd

When you are operating in a crowded market, distinguishing your brand from your competitors can make or break it for you. For example, even adding a unique and memorable symbol to your logo will help lodge it into the consciousness of people even before they hear about your business or visit it for the first time. Thus, when they see the symbol again in a list of competing businesses, something will click in their mind. And it doesn’t even have to be a logo – just doing something differently from everyone else will pique all kinds of interest.

2. Giving customers what they want

Great design isn’t only about uniqueness or visual flair – it can also be about convenience. For instance, if your business is in dining, buying comfy soft seats for the tables can make patrons feel right at home, and they will want to spend more time there, possibly doing work or writing a novel.

3. Changing public perception

People love to talk about new and unusual things. Thus, if you implement a design that is so different that it is controversial or even confusing, this will only increase the attention paid to your brand. When people first notice your design (for example, a strange chocolate shop with vines growing around the glass), they will probably be surprised. For years, they have seen various establishments of this kind arranged in a certain way, and suddenly here is something completely new and unexpected. What could be inside? Better to look inside and check.

4. Establishing your brand identity

We have mentioned that good design can be an extension of a brand’s vision, but it can also be the core. It is perfectly normal for people to buy properties and think about what would look nice there, coming up with design features before the business idea. Whichever aspect comes first, the design will be the first thing that visitors see about your business, so you want it to be fully representative of its identity.

5. Easy marketing

After you invest in a great design (for example, colorful wallpapers and interior decorations), it can serve as a great backdrop for your social media posts and marketing campaigns. This way, not only will customers learn about your services/product, but also get a good look at the atmosphere and vibe of the place.