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How Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers Elevate Minimalist Decor?

The evolved interior trends are allowing homeowners to experiment with their furniture choices. With a minimalist style of decor, you have to think beyond the common and usual. 

While you are celebrating simplicity and clean lines by infusing minimalism in your decor, you need a beautiful piece of furniture which can give an aesthetic boost to the basics and unadorned surroundings. 

With a promise to add a touch of luxury and opulence to spaces, bone inlay chest of drawers and cabinets are gaining immense popularity these days. They transform spaces with their unparalleled charm and never fail to leave a lasting impression on anyone who looks at these creative designs even for once. Besides providing enough storage options to keep your essentials, these statement pieces create a royalty-inspired ambiance with their intricate designs detailing. 

Bone Inlay Furniture Making Technique or Process

Before we learn how to refine the minimalist interiors using bone inlay cabinet, first we must learn about this technique which is an embodiment of our historic traditions and rich culture. 

With built-in drawers and compartments, a bone inlay chest of drawers is made by skilled craftsmen. Look at its fascinating design inspired by the Mughal era. It clearly represents the cultural heritage of India, where the art & technique of bone inlay commenced several centuries back. Created by ethically sourced camel bones, the process of making bone inlay furniture units is a sustainable practice which doesn’t adversely impact the environment. 

The entire process involves carefully cutting and shaping small pieces of camel bone to create the desired patterns. It all begins with filling the bone pieces in the carvings and design patterns made on the surface of a wooden furniture unit. Once these bone pieces are set using adhesive substances like resin or lacquer, it is further polished to give a refined touch to the furniture unit. 

Also, this kind of furniture is gaining a lot of popularity not only in India but across the world. Many reputed online furniture stores have introduced a category of bone inlay furniture which they import from Rajasthan, India. 

You may believe that these cryptic patterns and designs will look great only in traditional interiors but that’s not true at all. Such is the beauty of bone inlay furniture units that they look great in minimalistic and modern interiors as well. By shattering the monotony, the geometric and floral designs in graceful colours seem to bring a refreshing visual interest in the surrounding. 

Adding an Artistic Flair in the Living Room

As the living room is your entertaining spot for social gatherings, relaxation, and conversations, you cannot miss out on adding an artistic flair to its minimalistic interiors. Unless you introduce a bone inlay chest to existing interiors, it will keep looking plain and uninteresting. The harmonious blend of elegance and artistic allure will surely set your living room apart, making it look more inviting for your guests. 

Let these detailed designs like floral motifs, geometric patterns and Arabic calligraphy create a living room which your guests will never fail to appreciate looking at. To style your living room, make sure you arrange a bone inlay cabinet, which will not only add a layer of visual interest and depth to minimalist interiors but also make it a perfect storage option to make your space look spick & span with no visible clutter around. 

Enliven Minimalist Interiors with the Vibrancy of Colours

Featuring neutral colour tones that create a sense of calm in the interiors, a soothing pop of colour works as a gentle breeze in the heat of summer. It breaks the monotony and balances the ambience with a splash of some colours. Use a bone inlay chest of drawers in the colour and patterns of your choice that can complement interiors. Our collection consists of both- subtle or vibrant colours as well, such as turquoise blue, black & white, navy blue, light grey, brown, green, white and so on. 

By placing a chest of drawers designed in a captivating colour, it instantly becomes a focal point that draws the eye and serves as a statement piece in the room. These subtle yet striking patterns add personality and character to any kind of decor setting, especially if it’s inspired by ‘less is more’ approach.

Bringing Texture and Contrast to Any Area of Your Abode

A bone inlay chest offers versatility in their installation within a minimalist setting. From living room to bedroom to hallway or a corridor, these stunning pieces of furniture can be positioned as a centrepiece against a blank wall, blending seamlessly with the surroundings without overwhelming the space. As a functional accent piece, a bone inlay cabinet provides both storage and beauty to any room of your home.

To add further style detailing to interiors, you can even hang artistic wall art prints on the blank wall, right above the chest. Utilise  the top surface of the chest by placing an exquisite flower vase to infuse the warmth of nature into the ambience. In addition, you can also place interesting bookends to showcase some of your favourite books or novels.

The best part about having a minimalist decor is that it embraces a mix of textures to add warmth and dimension to the space.

Promoting Functionality & Beauty at the Same Time

Minimalist decor is also about getting rid of the stuff you don’t need anymore, and optimising the space in a better manner. It puts emphasis on functionality or making an effective use of the space, making it look airy and spacious without any clutter hovering around. Bone inlay chest of drawers exemplify this principle by offering ample storage space while remaining true to their artistic essence. The great combination of functionality and beauty ensures that these pieces serve a practical purpose while also refining the decor and enriching the overall aesthetic of the space.

Selecting a Bone Inlay Cabinet for Your Home with Minimalistic Ambience

Now that you know how a bone inlay chest can upgrade the look of your minimalist interiors, it’s important to keep a few buying tips in mind. With a pool of options available in the market, we want you to bring home a piece that speaks volumes about your personality and decor taste. It should beautify interiors as well as help you keep the rooms free from clutter by making them more organised and neat.

First things first, be clear about the dimensions of the space where you’re planning to install it as this awareness will help you narrow down your search. In addition, consider your storage needs. Depending upon the size and amount of stuff you wish to store, you will be able to choose the right size of the chest with proper compartments and drawers.

Next, look around. Your bone inlay furniture should complement the existing decor setup. Thus, always choose the design, pattern, and colour that can match with the interiors. You can also opt for custom-made options which allow you to add a personal touch to the design.

Set a budget for your purchase and explore options that align with it. Choose a bespoke piece that serves as a timeless and cherished addition to your home. Happy Shopping!