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Quick And Easy Tips To Packing And Moving Fast And Easy

While moving places is inevitable, it has never been easy. Every once in a while you will always find yourself in a situation that requires you to move. And the first time is usually the hardest.

This is because you probably do not know the hustle and stress that comes with it. You have no experience on how to pack, unpack, or even who to contact for help. And the last nightmare you want to experience is to get to your next house only to realize you have left behind that very important thing you can’t afford to lose.

However, moving places doesn’t have to be as hard, anyway. It just requires you to be a little organized, relax, and move slow. You also need to start preparing a little earlier than the moving date.

Packing Tips

The biggest portion of moving is packing. It also tends to be the biggest stress. Richmond moving company can always be there to help you. Especially if you are moving with everything, i.e. the furniture, kitchen appliances, electronics, etc, it could be one hell of a task.

This is because you want to make sure that you have packed everything of importance and that you don’t bother to carry things that you really do not need and use anymore. Here are some tips to make packing easy;

  • The first thing you want to do is to declutter and sort things out. Remove unnecessary items from the things you must take with you. This will save you a ton of energy and space before, during, and after the whole moving process. 
  • The next thing you want to do is to get the boxes. And quality boxes at that. It is easy to go to your local store and score a couple of boxes for free. These can be compromised and will cost you big time because they are used and reused and are weary. Moving boxes are not expensive anyway. Invest. Depending on where you live, you might be able to rent moving boxes that are returned once you finish moving, making the whole process much easier and faster.
  • Make sure you get enough and right-sized boxes. When you are packing, do not over-pack a box or it might just crumble on you. Give each box a label to easily know what room and what items are in each specific box.
  • Notify those you need to notify before it gets stressful. This should be done earlier. Make a list of the people you need to notify. It could be apartment offices, some phone calls you need to make, or some unfinished business with the apartment owner/management. You don’t want last-minute running around.

Preparing For The Move

Packing for the move is one thing and preparing for the move is a whole other thing. The reason why you get a migraine for two days straight every time you need to move is that you ignore the seemingly little things;

  • Creating a checklist and a budget. Just like any other task you prepare for, you need to draft a moving checklist. This should include a timeline depending on the moving notice and a realistic budget. Most people tend to trust the conscious and memory but end up messing things up, which could have been easily resolved by keeping a simple checklist.
  • Decide on whether you need to hire movers or not. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages you will have. Most of the time, you cannot manage on your own, and family and friends might not be available or enough to help you out, move to another whole state.
  • Send out notifications and notices before it gets stressful. Moving is a whole lot of tying up loose ends. You might need to visit apartment offices, make some calls, or even have unfinished businesses with the apartment owners/management. Make a list of who you need to contact and contact them early enough. You don’t want last-minute running around.