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8 Best Ways to Boost Workplace Productivity

Unarguably, employees are the most valued assets of an organisation. Without their dedication and focus most business operations would fail to perform. Therefore, it is imperative for an organisation to take the best measures to ensure maximum employee productivity.

However, mere words of affirmation and motivation aren’t enough. An organisation can invest in a wide range of equipment and features to boost overall workplace productivity. From major investments to easy changes, let’s take a look at them.

Standing desks & Ergonomic chairs

Sitting continuously for several hours is the top reason for neck pain, back strain and other health issues. So it’s time to replace the antique furniture with something modern yet functional.

To start with, invest in good-quality ergonomic chairs. These chairs should be stable and adjustable with proper lumbar support.

Another furniture is standing desks. Standing desks give employees an option to stand and work, which alleviates health issues caused by prolonged sitting.
These additions are a solid investment that will considerably reduce employee absenteeism.

Vending machines

By installing a well-stocked vending machine, your employees won’t have to leave the premises every time they get hungry or thirsty. Vending machines have come a long way. You can get them tailored to specifically meet the needs of your organisation. Visit Exact Vending Services to learn more.

However, the potential of vending machines isn’t just limited to snacks and drinks. Organisations are using vending machines to supply products to employees that are necessary for their work. For instance, Facebook has installed a ‘smart vending machine’ that dispenses cables, headphones, keyboards and other tech essentials to employees. This cuts down the unnecessary paperwork and red tape.

Recreational space

There should be a space in every workplace dedicated to employee rejuvenation. Pool tables, video games, table tennis tables and other indoor games help employees feel revitalised and approach work with a fresh mind.


Yes, a gym is a major undertaking, but more and more companies are investing in it. The reason being, employees’ health has a direct impact on their productivity. Giving employees a space to stretch and do physical activities will enhance creativity and improve concentration.

Room attributes

Workplace changes don’t necessarily need to be a major expense. There are certain cost-effective ways to create a better, productive workplace.

To start with, good lighting and proper air conditioning and heating is a must. If your employees aren’t physically comfortable, it will negatively impact their work.

The colour of the room also impacts productivity. For instance, blue is usually associated with improving focus. On the other hand, the colour yellow is suitable for creative spaces.

Plants are another affordable addition. Not only do they add to the aesthetic appeal, but they also improve the overall air quality.

Meditation initiatives

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Introducing meditation initiatives will help reduce stress and improve concentration.

Lunch Room

Employees should have a place where they can enjoy their lunch break. Whether it’s a cafeteria or lunchroom, a designated space is a must. It will give them a much-needed break. No employee should have to eat lunch at their desk!

Common areas

Employees shouldn’t be chained to their desks. Just a simple change in the surroundings can do wonders for their productivity. There should be common areas where employees can work and interact with their coworkers. Flexible spaces are a big hit in modern workplaces and rightfully so.

These are some of the best ways in which you can keep your employees engaged and motivated. Nowadays, an attractive salary package isn’t enough to retain employees. Workplace culture and amenities play an equally important role.