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7 Most Popular Hobbies in Australia

Australians are famed for being fun-loving and enjoying their free time. One of the main draws to many people who move to Australia is the work-life balance, but what do Aussies do with this free time?
Aside from spending time with friends and family, reading, or watching TV. Australians have a host of other popular national pastimes!


Australians are famed for their love of cricket, which dates all the way back to the 1800s. Many of the greatest players of the sport of all time are Australian, and the country’s long-standing rivalry with England has been immortalized in the internationally-popular Ashes test cricket series. It is not just the national team representing Aussie cricket — cricket clubs can be found in almost any town or city!


Cricket is not the only sport that is well-loved in Australia. AFL (Australian Rules Footy) is incredibly popular, particularly in the winter season, with millions attending stadium matches and smaller games happening in neighborhoods all over.


Australians have been gambling for more than 150 years, and it is estimated that over 4/5ths of Australian citizens took part in gambling in the last year! While traditional casinos are partly to thank for this, smaller poker slot machines, known as “pokies” can be found in pubs and other establishments nationwide.

As well as physical slot machines, online pokies are also hugely popular. You can play online pokies on sites like


It is no wonder that Australians love surfing so much. With so many of their cities and towns being on the coast and home to gorgeous beaches like Sydney’s world-famous Bondi Beach, Australians love to take an opportunity to catch the waves! There is no shortage of great surfing spots in Australia.


With the weather warm even in the winter, hiking is extremely popular all year round in Australia. With vast areas of bushland and thousands of tracks, trails, and national parks there is no shortage of stunning and awe-inspiring nature spots for residents and tourists alike to enjoy and explore! Whether you want a relaxing beach walk or an adventurous trek through forests or across rocky gorges, Australia is a great place for hikers.


With a huge number of rivers, lakes, and lagoons (as well as the ocean!) to choose from, Australia is a haven for anglers. Whether you want a relaxed summer afternoon relaxing with your rod in hand, or a boat trip out onto the open ocean, you will not find it difficult to find a body of water.


It is all well and good catching fish, but what to do with them next? For many Australians, the natural impulse will be to toss ‘em on the barbie and crack open a couple of tinnies! Barbecues are a hugely popular national pastime and part of Australian culture, with cookouts happening in most neighborhoods and on beaches. It is not just barbecues that Aussies love — in cities and towns you can find restaurants offering high-quality cuisine from almost any part of the world!

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