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Design Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom Inspired by Their Favorite

Decorating a home is difficult since there are so many things you should take into account, from working with the layout and space you have at your disposal to ensuring that you don’t have too much or too little furniture so the area is neither cramped nor empty. You want to let a lot of light get in and create a space that feels wide, airy and welcoming. When you take it at face value, it all seems fairly straightforward, but once you start putting effort into it, you’ll begin to notice how challenging it is to create a cohesive ensemble.

Decorating your child’s room can also be a painstaking process, especially if you’ve just moved to a new house. You want them to find the events as simple to handle as possible, but there’s still quite a lot of uncertainty involved. The chaos that comes with switching places can take its toll on your child, so creating a room that helps them feel secure is paramount.

Turns out, the only thing you might need to do is look to your child’s favorite fictional character for guidance.


The fictional rabbit Miffy, also known by the Dutch name nijntje, was created by Utrecht-born illustrator, graphic artist and author Dick Bruna. She first appeared in 1955 and has since become a favorite for many children. There are over thirty books, with cumulative sales exceeding 100 million. There are also two TV series and numerous merchandise items available for fans. 2013 marked the release of Miffy the Movie, a feature-length production.

The character’s appeal largely stems from her relatability since Miffy’s hobbies are drawing and spending time with her friends, characteristics most children will recognize as their own. The books are approachable, and many kids develop a love for reading because of Miffy. If your child enjoys following her adventures as well, you might want to consider decorating their room to be inspired by the beloved bunny.

You can buy official merch from, as the shop offers a wide selection of items, from stuffed animals to apparel. Miffy-themed home décor accessories are also easy to find. For example, you can get a Miffy-shaped bookend to adorn their bookshelf. Hanging decorations are also popular, as well as nap mats, pillowcases and blankets. Many are easy to carry, so you can bring Miffy along for family trips.

For bedtime storytelling, opt for an LED light in the shape of Miffy that also comes with an integrated dimmer for ambiance. This item can also be helpful for children who are still scared of the dark and don’t feel comfortable sleeping with all lights off. There are Miffy stuffed toys of different shapes and sizes, carpets and chairs, so the room can really feel like a safe haven for your child.

And, of course, if you want to enjoy some quality time together, you can do so by baking some cookies. There’s a cookie cutter shaped like Miffy, as well as a cookie jar, just the thing for aspiring bakers.


With the movie’s release in July, the hype for all things pink has been growing among children and adults. If your kid is a fan, they’ll be thrilled to have a bubblegum pink room that reminds them of the famous doll. If hot pink walls sound like too much, you can opt for curtains in the shade instead. The bedding and pillows can be in different shades of pink, so you can create a patchwork design of brighter and lighter shades of pink.

There’s furniture out there reminiscent of things you’d see in Barbie’s Dreamhouse, with soft pink lacquered chairs, nightstands and wardrobes that almost appear made of glossy plastic. For a dreamier atmosphere, hang a light pink canopy over the bed. And, of course, there’s always the option of getting the Barbie logo on pillowcases or as a neon light fixture.


Over the years, Disney has created some of the world’s best and most iconic characters. Due to its long history, it’s pretty likely that both the kids and parents have fond memories of Disney films and characters that left a mark on their childhoods. Since there are many characters to work with here, you can either focus on a single movie or create an ensemble that includes as many characters as you like.

Frozen created a lot of hype upon its release. The best place to start for this design is with crisp white or pale blue walls. You can also add art reminiscent of snowflakes or choose a wallpaper that features the characters. There are many options for bedding, with the most popular choices naturally featuring Elsa and Anna. And, of course, an Olaf plushie is a must-have for a good night’s sleep.

If your child loves Tangled, you can create a room that uses a lot of light. Paint the ceiling and walls to feature the famous sky lanterns, but keep a wall free to replicate Rapunzel’s view from the tower in the woods. And for those who love the older characters best, you can make a bedroom inspired by Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. Stuffed animals and personalized wallpaper cannot be missed from the design, but there’s also unique furniture that features the carvings of the beloved characters.


Superhero motion pictures and animations have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Spiderman remains one of the most popular choices, and there’s no shortage of décor pieces inspired by Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Interactive wall stickers are popular with fans, and you can paint the walls in a complementary color to make the design appear even more realistic.

And for those who want to recreate the Batcave at home, it’s simple to achieve that through a color palette centered on different shades of gray. Opt for a wallpaper depicting Gotham City with the Bat-Signal in the background for the walls.

Decorating a room for your child isn’t easy, but being aware of their interests and hobbies can give you a good idea of your direction.