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Why Is My Refrigerator Not Getting Cold and What Can I Do About It?

Did you know that your refrigerator usually accounts for an estimated 12% of your energy bill?

More than half of the cold air inside the refrigerator can escape when you open the door. However, if you notice that your refrigerator is not getting cold even after you close the doors, maybe a warning sign a problem with your refrigerator’s cooling system.

Is your refrigerator not getting cold? We’ve created a complete guide to help you identify some of the most common reasons why your refrigerator may not be cooling down. Keep reading to learn more!

Double-Check to Make Sure It’s Plugged in Properly

Before you begin investigating too much into finding out the cause of your fridge not getting cold, make sure that the appliance is properly plugged in. If you notice that it isn’t properly plugged in, you should remove the plug from the socket and reinsert it into an electric outlet.

If a fridge is properly plugged in, try removing it from unplug and replug me into a different socket. Your fridge not cooling down could be a fault of a problem with the outlet, not with the fridge itself!

See If Your Fridge Is in Demo Mode

If your refrigerator is properly plugged in and it’s still turning on, your fridge may have accidentally been placed on demo mode. Turning in your fridge off of demo mode will vary by the refrigerator model that you have and a type of display it has. However, you can read the instruction manual refrigerator to learn how to turn it off of demo mode.

Double-Check the Vents

The vents on the back of your refrigerator shouldn’t be blocked by anything. For your refrigerator to properly circulate cold air, it’s events need to be clear of any food or containers at blocking it. You should also make sure that no more than 70% of your fridge is filled with food.

If your fridge is overfilled, it can cause your refrigerator to struggle to keep its insides cool!

Take a Look at the Condenser Fan

If your fridge still isn’t cooling, unplug your refrigerator and check out the condenser fan. It would help if you made sure that there isn’t anything stuck in the condenser fan.

Take time to clean the fan blades. Once the blades have been cleaned, spin the fan and with your hand to make sure that it isn’t stuck. After you’ve made sure that the fan spins with your hand, plug the fridge back in and make sure the fan runs when the compressor is running.

If the blades aren’t spinning when the fridge is plugged in, you’ll need the help of a refrigerator repair service.

Understanding the Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Is Not Getting Cold

By having a solid understanding of the reasons why your refrigerator is not getting cold, you’ll be able to identify the best steps to take to fix it!

Are you interested in learning more about how to improve the efficiency of your household appliances? Come back to our blog to learn more!

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