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Glass Back Repairs For Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi has managed to make a big name for itself in the smartphone industry. This Chinese company began making eye-catching phones a few years ago and they have not stopped since then. Currently, Xiaomi is the 5th largest smartphone producer in the world. What has made them so successful? a combination of innovation and affordable pricing. Being a Chinese company, Xiaomi has really competitive prices. Their current flagships offer more or less the same specs as the top dogs but at a fraction of their pricing.

Xiaomi phones sure are great, but they are not the most durable devices in the market. Xiaomi keeps its costs low by sacrificing the longevity of their devices. They are not as robust and have shorter lifespans.

An average Xiaomi device will last for 2 years before it begins wearing out. You should keep this in mind before going for a Xiaomi device. Many Xiaomi phone owners have a hard time keeping their phones in one piece. Not everyone likes keeping their phones bundled up in layers of protection. But it is somewhat of a necessity when it comes to Xiaomi phones. This company simply seems to have a hard time with their phone designs. Their phones have poor shock absorption capabilities. Thanks to this, their glass surfaces become susceptible to breakage.

If you own a Xiaomi smartphone and you have managed to break it, you should not feel too sad. These smartphones are relatively easy to repair thanks to an abundance of spare parts. You can check out a complete list of Xiaomi phone repairs available at BreakFixNow. BreakFixNow is a professional repair lab that is known for providing reliable phone repair services.

Today, we are going to take a look at the most common form of smartphone damage: shattered glass. Glass has become a really common material in phones nowadays. All the latest phones have glass backs.

This certainly makes them look great, but it also makes them more fragile. What‘s worse is the fact that this makes repairing phones a lot harder. A glass back replacement is significantly harder. Thanks to this, you need to find people who specialize in glass back repairs. They need to have the right kind of tools on hand in order to get the job done.

Repairing Your Phone’s Glass Back

When a glass back panel breaks, it tends to shatter into a million pieces. This makes the back panel really hard to handle. Back panels on most Xiaomi phones are held in place with adhesive. In order to remove them, you must first soften this adhesive and cut through it. This process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a full hour. It becomes even more challenging when the back panel is broken. You need to make sure that the glass does not end up cutting your fingers.

Taking off a broken back panel requires patience, finesse, and proper equipment. Improper removal often results in pieces of glass being left behind on the phone. These pieces can make it harder to install a new back panel. This is why we strongly recommend that you get in touch with an expert. Someone who is experienced enough to know all the troubles of replacing broken glass panels.

Apart from the fragility of the panel itself, there are other things that get in the way as well. For instance, some Xiaomi devices have really unique designs. Xiaomi likes to design near bezel-less phones with all glass bodies. These phones look amazing, but they are even harder to work with. A glass panel can be really tricky when its removal puts the phone’s screen at risk. The unique form factor of Xiaomi phones means that not everyone can work on them.

Who Can You Entrust With Your Xiaomi Device?

Repair services begin offered by phone manufacturers are not always viable options. They can be expensive and are not accessible to everyone. This is why you should keep third party repair labs in mind. Find a repair lab that knows how to work on Xiaomi devices. How do you know whether a repair lab is trustworthy or not? You can check their websites. Only go for labs that maintain an online presence.

Their websites often have customer reviews that can help you verify their credibility.

Another thing to keep in mind while selecting a repair lab is their service charges. Do not go for labs that add hidden fees or overcharge you. Remember, third party repairs usually cost only 1/3 of what Xiaomi would charge you. If you have to pay more than that, you might as well just send your device to Xiaomi.

Your phone is a valuable investment, make sure that you do not leave it in the wrong hands.