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What Conditions can ENT Specialists Treat?

Singapore, well known for a high level of healthcare, has some primary doctors.

ENT Specialists

Otolaryngologist is the medical term for an ear, nose, and throat doctor. Specialists in this field of medicine are knowledgeable in treating problems mainly affecting the ear, nose, and throat. Aside from conditions that affect the health, an ENT specialist ( may also do cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, such as rhinoplasty and face lifts.
Among the common conditions that concern the ear includes impacted ear wax, Eustachian tube dysfunction, hearing loss, otitis media, and otitis externa. Major ear diseases are chronic supprative otitis media (CSOM), otitis media with effusion, vertigo, and Meniere’s disease. Patients that may have symptoms of these conditions and diseases undergo several tests, such as hearing and balance tests, before a proper diagnosis is given.

If you have been having problems that already bothers the way you breathe and smell, then you should definitely consult with an ENT specialist to get a diagnosis. Nose and sinus conditions include allergic rhinitis, epistaxis (nose bleeds), hypertrophied inferior turbinate, nasal fracture, nasal polyps, nasal trauma, nasal septal hematoma, sinonasal tumors, and sinusitis.
Throat diseases and conditions should get immediate attention as these can highly affect a person’s ability to eat, swallow, and digest food. Likewise, because the throat region houses a person’s voice box, any disease or condition can cause challenges to speech. Some throat disorders include laryngeal cancer (throat cancer) and vocal cord nodules.
An ENT specialist can also address and give treatments for injuries to the ears, nose, or throat. Services and treatments of ENT specialists in Singapore are usually covered by health insurances and Medisave. Of course, it is always best to check what reimbursements can be made as some procedures, especially cosmetic ones, may not be honoured by insurance providers or the MOH.

Men’s or Sexual Test Doctor

Although not formally classified as an actual specialization under the Singaporean Ministry of Health (MOH), male and also women’s medical centres are distinct in purpose because they focus on an extremely precise set of problems. Sexual wellness is a very special market and it takes a medical practitioner who is schooled in the subject and the conditions that are linked to sexual wellness to efficiently examine, and also to treat and precisely assess you. These tests are greatly sensitive and private. Upkeeping a reputation of discretion is supremely important within the practice of men’s sexual health.

If you have been potentially exposed to contact with HIV, your physician may have to puncture a finger to acquire a blood sampling for HIV screening. With luck, you may possibly get your end results inside of fifteen minutes, releasing you from suffering the stress of having to testing time. A full battery of STD screening in Lion City, Singapore costs around $300 for both urine and blood assessments. These clinics also provide distinct remedies targeting gender-specific needs.

Most of the treatment options for men are associated with their virility as well as performance in bed, which in turn could worsen simply when they develop older. Pills to induce vasodilation as Cialis are commonly used by male’s health doctors. The procedure either can be carried out using oral medication or electronic devices, based on the efficacy of selected treatment solution.


Physiotherapy certainly is the research and also therapy of the entire body to heal and recover parts of the individual’s body that has lost strength due to other problems or maybe injury, for example treatment for injured individuals. Sports professionals rely very much on the state of their bodies, and also, injury is common in physical sporting activities such as game sports. When seriously injured, the athlete typically undergoes a physiotherapy regime designed by his/her physiotherapist to make sure the injured spots can return to how it has been at its best.

Singapore demands tall standards for training and education for physiotherapists: you won’t be able to be employed as being a physiotherapist when you’re untrained. To be a physiotherapist, the key job is to try to guarantee restoration of strength and agility for the patient. Various strategies for example massages or restorative exercises are recommended based on the person’s condition. Often, it is a blend of many therapies to assist the entire body to heal in various ways. Injuries wounds within the ankle joint of numerous body parts or perhaps rotator cuff rips ordinarily occur when engaging in exercise. As luck would have it, physiotherapy has a wide variety of solutions available that can often help injuries suffered through athletics. In Singapore, physiotherapy may be insured by Medisave and even quite a few private hospitalisation insurance schemes.

Depending on the physiotherapist wanted, the costs might change considerably. If you are uneasy concerning the cost you will have to face, asking for physiotherapy from a public institution will be probably the most low-cost possibility. In the event you may be interested in a private physiotherapist, then you definitely need to be prepared for a monthly bill of $130-$210 every therapy session.