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Does Your Kitchen Need a Makeover? Here Are 6 Useful Decor Tips

The kitchen is probably the heart of anyone’s home. Besides the fact that it is the place where you cook and eat, it is also where you can gather with your friends or family. Whether during holidays or you host a dinner party, there is no denying that a considerable amount of time is spent in the kitchen. 

Even if you don’t like cooking and mostly order takeout, the kitchen remains the fundamental element of a house. For this reason, decorating a kitchen is a complex task. Not only does it need to look beautiful and match your style and preferences, so you enjoy spending time there, but it also needs to be practical. The way in which you design and decorate the kitchen can facilitate how you cook, serve and clean up.

Therefore, if your kitchen needs a makeover, it is of the utmost importance you consider all these aspects throughout the entire process, from the design part to how you will decorate and what type of cabinets you will get to where you will place the stove. It might be a time-consuming endeavor, but it is also highly rewarding once you see the result.

In order to help you with this, here are six practical décor tips that might help you if you are thinking of redecorating your kitchen:

1. Decorate according to the space available

It is of the utmost importance you decorate the kitchen in accordance with how much space you have available. You need to plan the decoration depending on whether you have a large area where you can play around with furniture and appliances more easily, or you have a smaller space that you need to use to its fullest potential.

An essential aspect to consider when doing a kitchen makeover is practicality. Indeed, it is just as important you create a pleasant space where you enjoy spending time. However, how practical it is for cooking, cleaning and serving is a crucial aspect. For instance, you need to avoid overcrowding the kitchen if the space doesn’t allow it. 

2. Think about the suitable materials 

The kitchen is an entirely different environment compared to the other rooms in the house. Because of cooking, the place is subject to heat, extreme humidity, and strong scents. For this reason, it is vital you ensure it is appropriately ventilated. So, purchasing a high-quality hood should be a priority.

Plus, even if you can have an open space connecting the kitchen with a dining room or the living room, you might want to install sliding doors to keep the smell from going to the rest of the house.

Apart from these issues, it is inevitable not to make stains, splashes, or even scratches when cooking. Hence, when choosing furniture, you must think about purchasing top-notch and durable materials. Indeed, this might be a significant expense right now, but the fact that suitable materials will hold well over time makes it an investment. Getting cheaper materials could lead to redecorating too soon.  

3. Choose furniture that fits your style

Now that you have chosen durable materials that can maintain their quality for a long time, it is time to choose the furniture style of your dreams. This is the fun part. There are many different styles and inspirations when it comes to decorating a kitchen, so you will have plenty to choose from and find the right one. 

Whether you want a cozy-looking kitchen with an eclectic aesthetic or a country-inspired theme, or you prefer a minimalistic, sleek kitchen with industrial elements, the important thing is to create a coherent décor that matches your style. Once you find the right range of kitchen units, you can have them installed in no time to complete the space of your dreams. 

4. Choose lighting that complements the space

Lighting can easily enhance the atmosphere and aesthetic of a space and set the mood. Therefore, choosing the proper lighting for a kitchen is essential. Not only does it have to compliment the room, but it should also support the activities you do in the kitchen, like cooking and serving. 

This means installing lighting that fits the style of the kitchen and creates a cohesive décor is vital, but it should also be useful and bright enough for when you cook. Poor lighting might hinder essential activities.

From the design point of view, depending on how large your kitchen is, the type of lighting you choose can truly make a difference. For instance, if the space available is relatively small, you should opt for bright light, which can considerably enhance the space. Visually speaking, it creates the much-desired effect of making your kitchen appear larger than it actually is.

5. Avoid cluttering with hideaway furniture or additional shelving 

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, it is crucial to avoid overcrowding your kitchen. In order to do this, you can install furniture items that are highly practical but are not too visible. For instance, a drop-down cutting board might be helpful. Or, if you have a relatively small kitchen, you could consider installing a wall-mounted table. 

Another effective method to avoid cluttering in the kitchen is by adding shelves to provide more storage space. If the room is large enough and allows you to have a kitchen island, additional shelving on the sides can be incredibly useful. You could either store cookbooks or display your ingredients nicely in jars.

6. Don’t shy away from innovative ideas

When it comes to designing the kitchen, there are no rules. Besides ensuring practicality, you cannot really go wrong with your design choices. Everyone has different inspirations and aesthetics they want to create in their homes. So, you don’t have to shy away from innovative ideas, like using a dark and bold color palette or attaching wood beams for a cozy effect. 

The only rule you should follow when thinking about the desired décor is to keep in mind the room’s size. Depending on this, you can make decisions that both align with your personal preferences and complement the space, highlighting its strengths. For a small-sized kitchen, installing a large window to let the natural light come in could visually expand the room.

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