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The Most Expensive Shoes Trending in 2020

The average American spends about $161 each month on clothing and apparel, but for some uber-wealthy people, any of those clothing items would be nothing more than a bauble.

Shoes are one of the staples of the American wardrobe, with both men and women spending good money to stay on top of the latest fashions. Still, usually, people don’t buy shoes that are too expensive unless they’re splurging on a special treat.

But what if you could afford the most expensive shoes trending in 2020? What kinds of footwear would you be wearing? Here, we’re going to show you some of these high-end shoes!

Gucci Loafers (for Men and Women)

In 2020, one of the biggest trends in both professional and casual shoes is loafers. Gucci is really capitalizing on this trend by manufacturing various styles of loafers ranging from $700-$1000. Whether you want shoes in black leather or brown flannel, Gucci has created a loafer that will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.

One of the coolest Gucci loafers is even less money than that. At $695, the Gucci Princetown Leather Mule for women is unique in that it has no backing. It’s a loafer and a slip-on shoe, all wrapped up in one high-quality package!

Neiman Marcus’s Manolo Blahnik Hangisi

You might not be able to tell just from looking, but the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi blue satin pumps that are sold by Neiman Marcus? Well, they aren’t just a fashion statement. Sure, they’re beautiful, with an appealing color reminiscent of clear skies or sapphire waters. The eye-catching silver centerpiece, too, is gorgeous.

More importantly, though, these shoes are incredibly sturdy. You can wear them for a night out on uneven ground without even missing a step. They also are oddly comfortable considering that they’re so tall, making them the perfect shoes for a night on the town. If you can afford it, these shoes are definitely worth the $995!

Jimmy Choo Hologram Mesh Booties

Jimmy Choo is always one of the most popular name-brands on the market, especially when it comes to footwear. Their high-end styles are a great show of class- just look at the celebrities who have been seen wearing them recently! Reese Witherspoon, Lily Collins, and other actresses love Jimmy Choo, so if you can afford to buy a pair, you’re sure to be the envy of all your friends.

In 2020, the most coveted pair of Jimmy Choos are the Hologram Mesh Booties. They’re going for about $1,395, but with good reason: their tall, heeled design makes them easy to be noticed in no matter the situation. More importantly, though, the holographic bands that encircle the wearer’s foot shine in all the colors of the rainbow.

Nike Air Force’s Rose Gold Silk

While sneakers may not immediately come to mind as high-end shoes, there’s an awesome pair that stands out from all the rest. Nike’s Air Force 1 Low shoes come in a variety of styles and colors, all of which sit comfortably on the wearer’s foot and can be used on days where a lot of walking will happen. Here, though, we want to talk about one of their most appealing shoe styles: the CLOT Rose Gold Silk shoes.

These shoes are made of pure silk and shine in the same color as some of the most popular wedding bands on the market. They also feature embossed patterns on their exterior design, boasting geometric shapes and designs reminiscent of hearts ad flowers. They do go for $2000, but they’re gorgeous.

Christian Louboutin- The Open-Toed Genius

Back to discussing runway shoes for formal events, Louboutin’s Sexy Strass- a shoe based in the brand’s Paris-signature line- is on the market for $3,095. These tall heels have a red silk bottom, giving them a look of sexy power. The top of the shoes are entirely lined in shimmering diamonds, giving you the distinct air of a tasteful and chic rich girl.

One of the most distinct things about this design, though, is the fact that they’re open-toed. While many shoes with such a tall heel would have a pointed or square tip, these shoes go all-out and remove the tip altogether. The resulting ovular hole is unique in that it can show off your pedicure.

Marilyn Monroe’s Dream

While we’re trying to give you shoe options you could feasibly afford (assuming you’re reasonably well-off), this list wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if we didn’t include something way out of most reader’s price range. To show you the height of luxury, we’re going to talk about the million-dollar Stuart Weitzman ‘Marilyn Monroe‘ shoes.

Made primarily from gold fabric, the Marilyn Monroe’s biggest appeal lies in the rose-shaped centerpiece. Sitting on top of the foot is an amalgamation of gold fabric with crystals in the middle that are even more valuable than they appear. These crystals are Swarovski, sure, but they were actually worn by Marilyn Monroe herself. Talk about valuable!

More on the Most Expensive Shoes

While most of these shoes are probably way out of the average person’s price range, it’s nice to look at them and dream. Plus, with a little saving and some used-shoe shopping, it’s possible to get enough money to treat yourself to one of these hot fashions at some point this year.

Now that you know the most expensive shoes trending in 2020, it’s time to learn more about the outfits you can pair with them. Check out the ‘fashion’ section under our page’s ‘lifestyle’ tab. Here, you’ll get all sorts of ideas for modern fashion that you can feel confident in.

Hurry, before it’s shoe late- get on the latest trends today!