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Tips to Reprogram a Genie Garage Door Opener

Genie Garage door openers are the most popular mechanical door openers for the residential garage doors. Since it is operated with the help of an electronic pad that is attached to the wall or remote to control the process, each opener has a differently coded remote. You can remove all the code and reprogram the garage door opener installation device as per your need. You can do it by yourself to avoid the expensive garage door opener repair cost.

Since the garage door openers are known for their convenience and easy to use remotes. Here are some steps for garage door opener repair:

Step 1: Check your garage door first

Track the movement of the garage door properly if the garage door opener installation proper or there are any issues. Check whether the problem is with the opener or something else is creating the issue such as tracks, rollers or (extension, torsion, or other) springs.

Step 2: Safety precautions

Safety is the first priority; follow all safety rules carefully before starting with the door opener repair processes.

Step 3: Check symptoms which need to be repair

  • The switch doesn’t work, but remote does

In this case, the best thing to do is to replace the switch wire or wall switch. For this, you need to unscrew the switch and determine whether the wires are bad or switch. Then replace the bad part.

  • The wall switch pad works but remote don’t

In this case, check the batteries first. If it doesn’t work, then you may need a new remote. You can buy a universal remote, or you can install a new receiver. Which help opener to use its radio frequency with its own? And that added bonus of new receiver will update the old openers to new rolling code technique

  • The door goes up properly but goes down with the help of wall switch

When it’s problematic in goes down, check the safety sensors are in alignment. When nothing is in-between the door, then the light of each sensor match. So if door light is not showing, then replacement of the sensor is required. Sometimes direct sunlight makes seasons misbehave.You have power to the garage, but there is no light in the wall switch & remotes

Since you have power, but there is no light or no sound in the wall pad & remotes the problem may be in the circuit board not with the opener. Replace the circuit board is quite an easy job. It will take just 10 minutes for the whole process. You need to follow some steps:

  • Remove the light cover
  • Remove the lightbulb
  • Disconnect the safety wire & switch
  • Remove a few screws and lastly unplug the board and you are done.
  • Light not working properly

  • Now if the bulb and everything works fine but light don’t you probably need to check light socket. You need to follow the above steps to reach the socket and replace it and install the new socket.

    The trolley carriage move properly, but the door doesn’t open

In this case, the culprit is probably trolley carriage, and you need to replace the trolley carriage. Before that, you need to secure the chair and separate it from the trolley sides. Then disconnect the trolley and slide off the damaged trolley and slide on the new trolley, reattached the chain and adjusted its tension. You are done with replacing trolley carriage.

  • The opener makes noise, but the door doesn’t move

In such a case, the problematic part is gear drive is probably toasted. As you know the main gear drives is plastic that comes in direct worm drive gear on the garage door motor. This is the most important component that is responsible for failing the openers. Replacing it is difficult you can call professionals for that and save money & time.

  • The door doesn’t work due to dirt in the trolley carriage

The garage door is not working due to lack of lube for the trolley carriage working the lubricant properly supposes the remove the dirt from the carriage. For this silicone spray is a good choice; otherwise, there are many options in the market. You need to grease the rail with lubricant to avoid the problem with the openers.
By following these, you can avoid many opener problemsbefore any unexpected loss or damage. Save your family & friends.